Monday, August 12, 2013

The Love Of My Life

Oh wait... you thought I was talking about purple, right?  No, I'm talking about my husband, Marshall. The guy who told his parents (when he was 19 years old) he met the girl he was going to marry one month after meeting me, then proposed to me a few months later.  The guy who never pressured me when I said I was going to remain a virgin until my wedding night. The guy who married me when he was 20 years old, seventeen years ago this month.

I think I am married to one of the most romantic husbands on this earth.  Seriously, if there was an award for the most romantic husband, he'd totally win. Was he romantic before the wedding? Sure. He'd give me thoughtful gifts on my birthday, Christmas and Valentine's Day.  Since the day we met until the day we married (a year and 3 months), we only spent 3 months in the same town.  During our months apart, he wrote me lovely romantic letters.

Then we got married. Our first Valentine's Day together, I was so excited.  I got him a card and a couple of gifts.  He got me... NOTHING.  Yep. Nothing, Nada, Zilch.  You see he was under the impression that celebrating Valentine's Day was something you did when you were dating, but you didn't celebrate when you were married.  I didn't throw a hissy fit or anything, but I couldn't hide the hurt in my eyes when I handed him my gifts and card when we both knew he didn't have anything for me.

He says that was a turning point for him.  He never wanted to see the hurt on my face again.  He has spent the rest of our marriage making me feel like the most important woman in the world to him, and treating me like a queen.

Being romantic doesn't always mean you need to spend a lot of money.  It can mean picking up your wife's favorite magazine from the grocery store while you are there, simply to tell her you were thinking of her.  Or you can go all out, like Marshall did for our 15th wedding anniversary, where he booked a surprise vacation for us (I knew we were going somewhere... just didn't know the location) to Maui for 8 days, via first class.  He even booked our activities, including spa treatments for me. THAT was amazing!

There was the time my 30th birthday was coming up.  I was lamenting the end of my 20's.  I was mopey for the months prior to my birthday.  Planning on wearing black on my birthday.  (I know, I know... what I wouldn't give to be turning 30 this year. *sigh*)  Marshall told me he had to run out and get something.  Then he walked in with someone.  I heard footsteps behind me and saw Marshall walk in with my college best friend, who I had not seen since our wedding 9 years prior.  He flew her in, booked us both at this exclusive spa for the entire day of my birthday, including having lunch delivered to us from Cheesecake Factory while we sat in our robes, between treatments.  Obviously that knocked all the wind out of my mopey sail.

And this past birthday he had my breast friend Jamie show up at my door in the morning, only to announce to me that Marshall had booked us treatments at the spa, and then she was taking me out to eat, and then to a movie at the Fancy iPic Theater while Marshall watched the kids.  That was an amazing day!  Okay, much of the fun Jamie can take credit for, but Marshall giving me up & watching the kids so I could spend the day with Jamie? Priceless.

There was the day my very favorite show, that had run 7 seasons, was airing it's final episode.  I couldn't wait to see the finale but was sad it was ending. (If you MUST know, it was Buffy the Vampire Slayer)  About 5 minutes prior to the show starting, Marshall lit candles all over the room so that we were surrounded by candle light and turned off all the other lights. Then he cuddled with me under a blanket while we watched the last episode.  That didn't cost a thing, yet it was an amazingly romantic thing for him to do.

There was another birthday where Marshall surprised me by driving to Torrance, CA to see the house they used for where Buffy the Vampire Slayer lived and the school they used for her high school.

One year I had grown very close to three other women over the internet and we were in contact with each other daily, providing friendship, support and many laughs with each other.  He arranged to have them fly out and show up at my door at the same time.  They stayed across the street at my in-laws' vacation house and we had the time of our lives, despite us all meeting each other for the first time in person.

There has been a lot of jewelry and Coach purses and flowers he's surprised me with over the years. They have always been MUCH appreciated, but many of the romantic things my husband has done has not cost a thing.

After having a stressful month, the doorbell rang and one of my good friends stood there, ready to take me out for drinks for the evening.  Marshall called her and arranged it.  Another surprise for me, but one that said how special I am to this man, who cares about me getting to spend some time to unwind with a great friend.

So you see, I am married to one of the most romantic men on this earth.  One who often tells me he loves me. One who often shows me he loves me.  One who reminds me I am first in his life.  One who makes me think the sun rises and sets on my shoulders for him.  One who makes me feel like the most beautiful girl in the world.  One who will run out late at night and get chocolate for me during my period. (That's almost more important than jewelry. Almost.)  One who let me paint the house purple!  And add glitter to the stucco! One who has supported me in everything I've done, and in everything I've ever wanted to do.  One who has given me every single thing I've asked for, except for a chicken or a pig.  That's okay, I don't need a chicken or a pig, when I have this amazing, romantic man that is my own.

Thank you to Matt from Life in the Fishbowl who challenged us to write about romantic things our husbands have done for us and inspired me to write this post!

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  1. Awww, that's seriously the most romantic man I know!
    I knew you were special but I had no idea or how special the two of you together are. Congratulations on your wonderful family!

    btw... I love the picture of him with the bunnies! are those Alice and Jasper's offspring?

    1. Thank you!! And yes those are totally Jasper's babies with Alice! :)

  2. I am crying. Seriously crying. And there are a few reasons for this. One because I know this is not at all one of those faux posts where everyone says how fantastic their husbands are. I have seen this man in action. I know his heart because I've seen it. I know your struggles as a family and see him step up in the most amazing ways. He is a fierce protector of you and also your greatest fan (I come in at a close second). You never EVER claim your life is perfect but your relationship is because it withstands all the trials and tribulations you face. Because you value the things that are invaluable: Love, honor, patience, humor, respect, communication, intimacy and friendship.

    I am also crying because I so desperately want this in my life and am at a loss as to how to achieve it. It's not jealousy... not at all. It's not even envy. It's just this standard which is so high (which it should be) and there's a very short list of those who can even meet a fraction of the amazingness that this man holds.

    You're a very lucky woman--and deserving as well.

    1. I'm crying too because I know you know first hand how Marshall is, and how desperately I want that for you. Everyone should have that kind of love and you deserve it so much. I can't wait until you finally find it. Yes, because even when you lose hope for that, I never will. I love you!

  3. This is such a beautiful tribute to the love you two share. I love knowing that it exists for someone and I can't think of two people who don't just talk the talk but most definitely walk the walk together more than you guys. It's truly a wonderful thing!