Monday, August 5, 2013

It's A Nice Day For A... Purple Wedding

For the past two years Marshall has been doing the sound effects mixing for the Tyler Perry Movies.  It seems with Mr. Perry that when he finds the people he likes, he keeps them, so now Marshall is part of the crew.  It's like a little family.  The Sound Supervisor on these movies invited us to his daughter's wedding, which was this past Saturday.  I decided to get my hair and makeup done, since I rarely do that.  Here is my dress.  Yes, it's primarily purple... what do you expect? 

Here's a closeup of the material.  It has little mirrored circles that add sparkle. 

I showed the pictures of my dress to the make-up artist and told her I was going for "subtle Egyptian".  This is what she came up with. 

I'm not gonna lie... I freaked out just a little, since my usual makeup routine (if I wear makeup) is thin eyeliner and neutral eye shadow and a little mascara.  Add a neutral color lipstick and I'm done.  No foundation, no blush, that's it.  I posted this pic and everyone told me it looked pretty and I needed to stop freaking out and go with it, so I did.  And in hindsight, I really think she did a fantastic job.  (and I topped it off with some purple lipstick of mine)

I had my hair blown dry straight by my fabulous hair stylist Carol.  As you know, I've got the purple tips on the ends of my hair.  Here's a pic.  Yeah I know my boobs are on display, but in this dress, it's quite hard to show my hair without them, so there you go.  It's a 2 for 1 deal.  Or is that a 3 for 1 deal? 

Marshall picked a light purple dress shirt to accompany me, and we snapped a pic together before we left for the wedding.  

I'm loving this picture of us. 

So we arrived at this wedding and I'm seeing purple everywhere and that's where it hit me.... THIS IS A PURPLE WEDDING!!!!  Seriously, I'm in purple heaven here.

Here is one of the adorable flower girls.

And here's the beautiful cake! 

Then the wedding started and it was fun to see that all of the bridesmaids had a different dress, each in a different shade of purple. How cool!

Marshall and I always get a little sentimental at weddings. Speaking of, at the end of this month we'll be celebrating the 17th anniversary of OUR wedding. 

Here is the beautiful bride and groom after the wedding.

During the reception I met a woman named Ruth, who's husband also works in the Tyler Perry crew.  She and I hit it off straight away and she's a big part of why I had such a fantastic time at the wedding.  She's a makeup artist and here she's having me try one of her lip glosses.  I'm dying to have her do my makeup now!  We became Facebook friends, so I WILL make this happen. 

 Here's Joi, who works with Marshall.  Not only did I find out Joi is from Orlando like me... she's from the SAME small suburb of Orlando that I am from!  AND she went to Florida State University just like I did!  That is insane!!  She is a sweetheart and I look forward to seeing her again.  

So there you have it... Marshall and I went to this fabulous purple wedding and I made new friends and had a blast.  We even did a little crazy dancing on the dance floor together.  Come on... YOU go to a wedding where they play Thriller, Billy Jean, and Baby Got Back and see if you can resist the need to shake your booty.  

And last but not least, I want to wish the bride and groom, Kimberly and Shaun, the very best on the start of their new life together!!!  Thank you for inviting us to your purplicious wedding!

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