Sunday, October 28, 2012

Apple Movie Camp

This summer, we signed Seamus up for the 3-day workshop at our local Apple Store called, "Apple Movie Camp".  It was free, and they teach you how to make your own movie on iMovie. 

The first day, the instructors were teaching the kids how they need to come up with a concept for their movie, make storyboards and then film their movies when they got home.  They also helped the kids search the internet for music and pictures they wanted to use in their movie. Most of the first day was used by the kids drawing out their film ideas on the storyboards.

They got this nifty USB thumb drive bracelet to bring back their footage to camp the next day for editing. 


They also got a pretty cool shirt that Seamus loves.  Did I mention this was free?


Day 2 was all about editing the footage you filmed after class the night before.  They had a number of instructors and made sure that each kid was assisted when making their movie.  At the end of day 2, Seamus walked up to me with his USB drive and said he was done making his movie.  His instructor had told him to go ahead and remove the thumb drive and return on Saturday, where they will get to show everyone's movie and receive their certificate for making the video.  Here's one of his instructors...


 Now we have 5 Mac computers at home, but we couldn't get his movie to play on any of them at home with this thumb drive.  We figured there must be a trick to it.  We were sure the instructors there would know what to do.  Saturday morning it was different instructors, not the ones that were in his class.  Turns out the instructor that was helping Seamus forgot to save his movie to his thumb drive.  And since the computers automatically update every night, the movie was lost.  That happened with 3 other kids on Saturday.  We felt pretty sad for Seamus, that he didn't get to show his video.  But again, it was free, right?  I mean, how much can we complain when it was free?

Marshall doesn't really use iMovie, so he took the footage I shot of the kids and the music Seamus picked and he reedited it in Adobe Premiere. 

The concept and story was entirely made up by Seamus.  Here are a couple of stills Seamus wanted after costume and makeup was applied:

 Marlie as the "Sorceress"

Seamus as "The Destroyer"

The Sorceress and The Destroyer together.

Seamus enlisted his big brother Haven to play the villain, which he gladly did. (Enter the Kung Fu Master) There was a little ad libbing at the end from Marlie.  Seamus, however is a very patient filmmaker and accepts ad libbing.  All the filming was done by Mama. *grins*  I used the iPhone App "Action Movie" to help out with the demise of the Kung Fu Master at the end.

Though the day we were supposed to show the videos to the class was a bust, overall the class itself was fun and Seamus is thrilled with the final result.  And now... here it is...

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  1. Awesome video!! The kids did great and the film editor did a great job too. The filming was just okay ;)