Saturday, July 14, 2012

Butterflies at the Los Angeles County Natural History Museum!

Last week we went to the Los Angeles County Natural History Museum to check out their Butterfly Pavilion, which is only open until September 3rd.

If you live in Southern California, you need to visit the Los Angeles County Natural History Museum. Especially if you haven't yet seen their recently opened Dinosaur Hall (which is fantastic) or their new Butterfly Pavilion. (which is open 10-5pm every day until September 3rd.)

There's way too much to cover all the exhibits in one day. I'd suggest checking out their site and deciding what parts are most important to you, to see the first time you come. Become a member and you can come back and take your time exploring all the different exhibits, like one of my personal favorites, the Gem and Mineral Hall.

I also love the different animal halls (African Mammal Hall, North American Mammals, and Birds which has taxidermied mammals behind glass, with artistic backgrounds and accessories to showcase where each animal is found) and the California History exhibit as well. And there's so much I haven't even mentioned! It's one of my favorite museums.

But back to the Butterfly Pavilion... have you guys ever been to one of those Lorikeet exhibits, where you walk through the outer/quarantine-type area before gaining entrance to the inside cage where all the birds fly in front of you, above you, around you and even sometimes land on you? It's totally like that, but with BUTTERFLIES!!! In fact, you MUST watch where you step because they sometimes land on the ground. And you can't touch the plants because there are butterfly eggs on them.

I went in with my husband and kids and was immediately overwhelmed with the beauty of butterflies everywhere. They flew all around, landing on plants, and occasionally on us when we stood really still. There are over 53 different varieties of butterflies and moths. Who knew moths could be so beautiful too? Here is just a taste of what you will find at the Butterfly Pavilion.

(all pictures were taken with my iPhone)

These pictures are just a tiny glimpse of what you will see at the Butterfly Pavilion at the Los Angeles County Natural History Museum. Go see them before they're gone!

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