Friday, May 4, 2012

Used For Slander

For those longtime readers of mine, you will know that 95 percent of what I have written on this blog, (since I started it in 2006) is written tongue-in-cheek. I even say not to take me seriously. I've always stood by my written word and I STILL stand by it.

Yesterday I was made aware that an "Adoption Reform" blog (I am not linking to them because I don't want to give them more traffic) was using three of my old posts, and copy/pasted them without permission in a post that was trying to accuse our adoption agency (Wide Horizons For Children) and Dr. Tsegaye of unethical practices and oppression of the ethnic group that my daughter belongs to.

They started off their post saying they had permission to post this information, which was a lie. They committed copyright infringement by copy/pasting my work without permission. I sent them a comment and also emailed them telling them to take down all of my written work, reminding them they were in violation of the law and if they didn't, they would receive a DMCA takedown notice from me. So what did they do? They took off my EXACT written word, but still linked to those three posts and summarized my posts to push their agenda. I emailed them back demanding they remove the summarizes, links and all references to my blog as I vehemently oppose their agenda, and they refused.

Why is it these people refuse to take down the links and summaries of my blog posts? Is it that they have no other adoptive parent's words they can twist against WHFC? I think so. If they removed my blog posts, they'd have no story.

These are the three posts they are using:

These posts were written between 2007-2008.

If for some reason, you are one of the people who came to my blog through that site, I have something I want to make very clear.

My adoption with WHFC in 2006 was very transparent, very ethical and we have an open adoption with my child's surviving relatives to this day. I have met Dr. Tsegaye on several occasions and have witnessed his dedication to the children of Ethiopia, to ethical adoptions and to the continuing communications between adoptive parents and the birth relatives of the adopted children. WHFC has also worked in the communities where they have placed children to help develop schools & hospitals, provide aid to families through sponsorship and to help keep families together.

I am a moderator of three Ethiopian adoption yahoo groups, including the WHFC Yahoo group, which is PARENT run, not agency run. I've heard a lot of horror stories about unethical behavior with adoption agencies but have NEVER heard one in connection to WHFC or Dr. Tsegaye. You can imagine how upset it makes me that someone is twisting my words to use against WHFC. I'm furious.

What about these articles they use saying the government and WHFC have oppressed the ethnic group my daughter belongs to? I've worked hard to stay out of Ethiopian government politics but I apparently keep getting pulled in. The articles they get their information from are written by an Ethnic Liberation (extremist) group. These are the same men that accused me of being a spy for the Ethiopian government. (yes really)

I don't think these people really did their homework. So they are taking the words of an extremist group, and combining three of my old tongue-in-cheek posts to try and prove unethical practices by WHFC and Dr. Tsegaye? Slanderous. And though they might legally be able to link to my blog, I do believe slander is still illegal.

If there were truly proof of unethical behavior, why are they not using other examples? Why will they refuse to remove the links and summaries of my posts?

I could care less what agenda they have on their blog and what accusations they want to make. But LEAVE. ME. OUT. OF. IT.

I believe in adoption reform. I believe all adoptions should be ethical. But this site's highly unethical practices and lack of integrity say a lot about them. It makes me wonder about the validity of the rest of their posts.


  1. I agree. I also believe in adoption reform, and have followed that blog for awhile to get their perspective on what's going on in adoption ethics around the world. But like you said, this post about WHFC makes me wonder about the rest of their was all innuendo and trying to point out connections that just make no sense and are based on nothing!

    Ever since things started to get bad with Ethiopian adoptions in terms of corruption and ethics, I've been nervous that eventually WHFC would be implicated in unethical behavior. But if this is the worst anyone can dig up, I feel like I can go back to feeling confident that they are the most ethical agency out there!

  2. These are people that don't do enough REAL research of their own, and have to resort to stealing others' words to twist and mangle. As a journalist and author, it's sad to me that someone like your attacker that takes a "pulpit" with their blog does not take the responsibility too. While adoption corruption certainly exists, why don't they instead offer thoughts and ideas to fix problems? Why not use the brain they insist they have to trouble shoot what they feel is wrong and still be able to help children in desparate need? It's because they have a political agenda, not a righteous humanitarian one.

    I am an adoptive mother of two, and am proud of that. I cherish my children and our families on both sides of the sea. I'm quite sure that the owner of the blog attacking you is NOT an adoptive parent, and wonder what exactly he or she is?

  3. We have adopted through several agencies and WHFC is at the top of our list for MOST ethical behavior. They share everything that can be listed in the facts category and don't spread the many rumors that some agencies may buy into. They rise above the norm in terms of humanitarian projects wherever they are working and seek to keep honesty and transparency in all their actions.

    I feel sorry (yup, sorry...) for a group that has nothing better to do than twist words and create misconceptions. Why feel sorry? Because they cannot be very happy people.

  4. Hi there, I'm a first time visitor -- I don't even know how I got here, but sorry to read of this drama. I've noticed that often those who are passionately activist about a topic will twist and misinterpret information out of zeal, or will see conspiracies and intrigue where none exist.

  5. Wow -- I just saw you do the Marli's Hair blog. SO helpful!

    1. Sharon, Thank you for stopping by! Sorry your first visit had to see all this drama. I'm so glad you find Marlie's hair blog helpful!! :)