Thursday, May 10, 2012

Time Magazine and Extended Breastfeeding

I'm excited to announce that my co-blogger, Jamie, at Mommy Hates Chemicals is on the cover of Time Magazine!!

Their current issue is about Attachment Parenting, which covers extended breastfeeding, co-sleeping and baby wearing.

Sure it's a controversial topic and Time Magazine was going for shock value, but if anyone can rock a magazine cover with a kid on their boob, it's Jamie!!

One of the things I love about Jamie, is that while she and I raise our children very differently, she never judges people for making different decisions than she does, for their family.  It's why we're such close friends, and why I agreed to do the Natural Product review blog with her, when I don't normally use Natural Products!

Jamie is also an adoptive parent of an Ethiopian child, like me, and she discusses adoptive breastfeeding in her Q&A with Time Magazine.  To read her Q&A, CLICK HERE!

I think she gives a strong message that all moms (whether you agree with her methods or not) need to hear.

And as if that wasn't enough, The Today Show is flying Jamie and her family out to New York today, so they can be interviewed during the 9:00am hour of The Today Show tomorrow!  Set your DVRs!

I couldn't be more proud of Jamie. 

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