Monday, December 12, 2011

People Who Don't Like Me: Wendy's Edition

Usually this time of year, we reflect on our blessings, the people in our lives who love us and who we love. Being one to never follow the rules, I'd like to reflect on the people who don't like me.

1. The Sidama Liberation Front (these are the lovely men who accused me of being a spy for the Ethiopian government)

2. The Gymboree Mom who acted nice to my face while she blogged about me behind my back for being an "adoptress" and stealing my black baby from Africa. You may remember her as the Lesbian who is happily married to a man.

3. The Manager at the Wendy's located at 16930 Roscoe Blvd
North Hills, CA 91343. Oh wait, I haven't mentioned her before. Well, she hates me.

It all started one day when I was picking up lunch for myself and the kids one day at the drive-thru. At some point a couple of years ago Wendy's changed their straw distribution policy, no longer handing the straw with the drink, but instead placing it in the bag with the food. This bothers me to no end because I can't test the drink to make sure they gave me the right drink (which they often don't) until they bring me the food.

So there you are, staring at this drink in your cup holder, unable to taste it, while you wait for your food. Don't you dare suggest I pull up the lid and taste it. You will never get the lid back on right and that can only end up in disaster for you and your floormats. #trust

This event happened right after the policy change. The lady handed me my drink and my change and started to hand me a straw. But before I could grab it, she pulled her hand back. ??? I asked her if I could have my straw and she said, "no, it will be placed in the bag". And I said, "But you were just about to hand it to me... why can't I have the straw now?" She replied, "You will get your straw in the bag with the food." Again I said, "BUT YOU WERE JUST ABOUT TO HAND ME THE STRAW! Why can't I have it?" She did not respond.

When I left the drive-thru, I wanted to call to complain, but there was NO RECEIPT in the bag, to call and complain. What do I say, "Your heavy-set hispanic female employee was rude to me."? So I never complained.

But every time I subsequently went to Wendy's, that lady was working the drive thru. And she would give me the stink eye. Marshall thought I was making this up, but a few times he accompanied me to the drive-thru and confirmed that she was indeed giving me the stink eye. Then future times when she would take our order (oh yes I can recognize her voice through the speaker), she would leave the window the minute we pull up and the other employees were left scrambling, trying to deal with our order. Did I mention she's now the manager?

My love affair with Wendy's food began early in my childhood, but sadly, thanks to mean heavy-set-hispanic-manager-lady, I rarely eat there anymore. If I do have a craving for Wendy's, I'll drive out of my way to go to a different Wendy's. Why would I want to order food from someone who gives me the stink eye?

All this because mean-heavy-set-hispanic-now-manager-woman wouldn't give me a straw. She probably hates kittens too. And purple.


  1. I love you. Period. LMFAO!

    ~ Spank

  2. Pretty sure the "thinking mama" is certifilibly nuts!

  3. Delurking here: efinitely agree that "thinking mama" is oh-so-crazy! Two minutes on her blog and I was terrified. Are your children around her often? I hope not.

  4. *Definitely! (When I added delurking, the "d" in definitely got cut off. Grrr!!)

  5. That thinking woman is freaking certifiably crazy! when my aunt and uncle adopted their three girls (all sisters) it was the best thing to happen to our family. These girls were abused by their mother and would almost eat themselves to death whenever they got a chance to ear. they know they are adopted and they see their biological family. I don't see the point this woman is trying to make. You don't get to chose the people you are born with but you sure as hell get to chose the people you keep in your life.

  6. Yay Spank, that's all that matters! <3

    Tracey, I'm no longer in Gymboree with that woman, but she does live in the area. I've seen her recently at Target, but I did not approach her. Like many of you said, she is nuts. However, she is entitled to her opinion. My biggest problem is that she would be sugary sweet to me in Gymboree, asking all kinds of questions about my adoption of Marlie, while blogging about me behind my back. I think it's funny she never knew Seamus was adopted, so she accepted him as my legitimate child.

  7. Thinking Mama disgusts me. Absolutely and fully disgusts me. That is all.

  8. Wow girl, if you give that woman even one more
    minute in your thoughts it will be one too many. She's nuts!