Friday, September 23, 2011

The "Dolphin Tale" Movie

Today I took my kids to see the movie "Dolphin Tale" by Warner Brothers. Some friends from my local homeschool group set up a meet-up field trip at our local theater to see it opening day. (today) I'd seen the trailer for it, and honestly I wasn't that thrilled about seeing it. It just seemed like another sappy feel-good "Free Willy" kind of movie to me. My kids were kind of "meh" about seeing it too, except they were excited that "field trip" meant no homeschool lessons today.

Color me surprised that not only did I love this movie, my kids did too. I laughed, I cried, and as cheesy as it sounds, I actually left the theater with a renewed hope in humanity.

While Homeschool wasn't the focus of the movie, one of the main characters was homeschooled, and another found that he was more inspired to learn in a "hands on" environment rather than in the classroom.

This movie was truly inspirational and had a parallel story of an Iraq war veteran learning to use a brace while many of his buddies were using prosthetics.

This was a great story of overcoming obstacles life throws at you and that by believing in the impossible, you can sometimes make the impossible a reality.

This movie is based on the true story about a dolphin named Winter, who had her tail amputated after it was caught in a crab trap. One thing I didn't realize before the movie, was the fact that they used the actual dolphin "Winter" in the movie. If fact you can see more about her story & watch her via live cam at:

Positive, inspirational, and educative family-friendly movies come along rarely. Let's send the message to Warner Bros and other studios that we want to see more uplifting movies like this.

Go see this movie. Take your kids and tell your friends. And then go see Winter online for yourself. If you have a beating heart, this movie is sure to make it swell.

Just in case your kids want their very own "Winter" dolphin, you can find one in grey, pink or blue (with a fixed prosthetic tale) at the site. The Warner Bros movie site "Dolphin Tale" has a gray "Winter" that has a detachable prosthetic tail as well as an app game where you can fling a fish at Winter.

Now what are you waiting for? Go see this movie!

**UPDATED** We went to see the movie with the Homeschool Movie Club, organized by JT and Sydney Taylor. They made this video and interviewed several of the actors and people who helped make this movie during the "blue carpet" premiere. Both of the main child actors in this movie are homeschooled.

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  1. Oh I just realized now that Ashley Judd is in the movie! I love her. I have some strange obsession with her...actually, all the's a little weird...