Thursday, September 8, 2011

Seamus Eats Cat Food

After over a year of telling him he couldn't eat cat food, I finally gave in to Seamus' pleading. This is the result.


  1. this is one of the funniest things i've seen in a long time-- how funny! i love that he actually liked it, and surprised us all.

  2. He is sooo cute... I think he has a natural talent for announcing things haha! I would watch a channel on Youtube with him talking about things

  3. Seamus, I really enjoyed watching your video. You are great on "tv". I think your mom is right to have let you try the cat food. But I do have to agree with her that it's not a good idea to let you eat it at will. I'm sorry buddy. High five for a great vid, though!

  4. Jenny, I adored your comment. I read it to Seamus and he loved it. :)

  5. My brother tried a dog biscuit when he was younger, partly for the shock value and party to appease his curiosity. He said it wasn't half bad. The other day on the local news, a reporter ate a bit from a can of cat food (the fancy feast soft tuna like kind) to make a point that it was better than the meals that the elderly were receiving from a government program.

    Perhaps, maybe, when Seamus is playing that he's a cat, a small bowl of those cracker GOLDFISH (maybe the ones that come in nifty colors) might be fun to make believe with!

    I hope he doesn't keep sneaking the cat food in hopes of becoming a cat someday!! TOOO cute though.