Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Fish That Won't Die

We've had our share of unexpected pet deaths lately, but one that would be welcome is the passing of our fish, Captain Jack. The average life span of a betta fish is 2 years. We've had Captain Jack for four. During those four years, he's gotten fin rot several times. Each time, his fins would disintegrate and I would expect his death to follow shortly. But each time he bounced back and regrew his fins. So we figured he was named appropriately.

Now however, he's clearly well past the life expectancy and is near his end. But he just won't die. He hasn't eaten in 2 weeks. Every day I find him lying on the floor of his tank and I tell the kids he's died. Then we bump the tank and he starts swimming again. Now it's become a joke. I go in there and say, "Captain Jack is dead". And the kids say, "No he isn't, he's just resting". Sure enough, he's not dead yet.

Go Captain Jack... go swim with the go to that great big wet place in the sky. We're ready to let you go, buddy. You're ready.

I'm waiting to get an "anonymous" comment on this post, about how my joking about fish death is sending the wrong message to my kids. (if you're lost, check the comments on "Bet You Can't Do This" and "Naked Healing")

Anonymous, if you leave me a comment, I'm throwing a pie at you.

**UPDATE** Looks like Captain Jack is finally dead. I think. *goes to tap the glass again*


  1. Go, Cap'n Jack!

  2. we went through the same thing with our beta two weeks ago.

    We got Joe around a year ago. Right after our first social worker visit (with Joe the social worker). So, our two-year-old decided to name him after our lovely man who makes sure we don't beat our kids ;-).....

    He made it for a year...but his health started declining rapidly after our last visit with Joe the social worker. Random.....

    We kept looking at him at the bottom of the tank. Every morning the boys would come in my room and say Joe died, but if I clunked his tank his little fins would keep moving. This went on for weeks. It was so sad. He finally got sucked into the filter and we realized without a doubt he was gone.

    Now we have Doh Doh (I need to stop letting the two-year-old name the pets)- we'll see how long he lasts.

  3. I had a beta fish named Mr. Bubbles, he lived for 5 years, he was like a zombie fish from how he acted the last two. I felt so bad for him.

  4. weird....I had goldfish named Mr. Bubbles that lived for 5 years.

  5. Why wait until Anonymous responds? Throw away! It is Pi(e) Day, after all! :D

  6. Hey, I have that same Anonymous problem at my blog! I rarely get comments, but when I do, it's usually from some chicken who's too cowardly or unsure of his/her own opinions to give a name.

    Bettas are awesome, and good name.

  7. The Author, Thank you for the comment. I fully welcome differing opinions, AS LONG AS the person with the opinion can stand behind their opinion instead of hiding behind Anonymous. ;) But alas, that's not the way it usually happens, is it?