Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Naked Healing

We're healing from the loss of Buffy. Unlike some people, the best way for me to heal is to get another pet ASAP to help fill the hole the other pet left behind. It doesn't replace the pet, it just helps distract and give me something new to pour my love and grief into. The day Buffy died, Marshall ordered me to start looking for a new Sphynx kitty because 1. he knew it would help cheer me up, and 2. we had agreed we'd always have a Sphynx kitty.

So we decided to get 2 new Sphynx (naked) kitties. That's right, two. A girl and a boy. Well we found the boy first from a breeder, and then found the girl through another breeder. I had to do quite a bit to talk Marshall into letting me get the girl. After I put the deposit on the boy, I realized that all of our other 6 cats are boys and then we will have NO girls. Which meant I'd have no naked girl kitty to dress up in bows and sundresses and bikinis and I got all sad. So eventually I wore Marshall's will down Marshall agreed to let me get the girl kitty too. I may have possibly agreed to let him spend the total amount that both kitties cost on camera equipment.

Introducing... Dobby and Winky, our little house elves.

Dobby is a red (ginger) male with brilliant blue eyes. But so far he won't sit still long enough for me to get a good picture of them. He's 6 months old.

Winky is a tiny little 5 month old girl. Her color is lavender and cream and also has blue eyes. Her gray-ish lavender parts will get more of a lavender hue as she gets older.

And here they are together.

Out of all the breeders in California that I contacted, these were the ONLY two cats who were available to go to new homes right away. So don't tell me it's a coincidence I ended up with a ginger and a lavender one. ;)

Though they come from different breeders, they were friends within hours of introduction and have been chasing each other around the house and playing ever since. And let's not forget how smart Sphynx cats are. The first night we had Winky, she pulled off the alarm sensor on the window in her room, causing the house alarm to go off at 2am. Just this morning, they figured out how to open the (handled) door in their room and let themselves out. I'm picturing one on top of the other's shoulders, trying to reach the handle.

They are in a separate room of the house because while one of our Ragdolls (Lupin) and our Abyssinian (Giles) have completely accepted them without so much as a single hiss, the second Ragdoll Ollie tried to kill Winky within minutes of introduction. Somehow a hunter instinct was unleashed and he thinks Winky is a mouse. We broke it up within seconds, but Winky sustained several scratches all over her. (she's okay now and her scratches are healing)

Ollie is a very friendly, very affectionate kitty to adults and kids, but this behavior toward Winky goes way beyond normal cat to cat introduction and we may need to find him a new, loving home. Winky is very, very small framed and somehow he decided she is a prey animal. So while we decide Ollie's fate, we will keep the Sphynx kitties in a separate room.

We will pick up Buffy's ashes on Friday and have a family ceremony. We also ordered a memorial stone with her name on it to put in our garden. Though Buffy can never be replaced, our new kitties Dobby and Winky have done so much to help us heal. And no worries, I will be sure to keep Winky away from the Butterbeer.


  1. I am so glad you are healing.

    But naked kitties still freak me out.

  2. they are soooo...um....cute..ya cute...lol...i am so happy that they are helping you heal....have so much fun with them..

  3. Dobby is the most AWESOMEST name EVORE for a naked cat.

  4. I had a similar situation when I introduced a tiny Chihuahua/Poodle cross (at 3 lbs) to my 3 year old kitty. I had to play Mamma Kitty and swat his nose every time he tried to stalk/attack the puppy.

    After 3 weeks, he gave up, decided the puppy was cooler as a play toy and they've been friends for 2 years.

    I, like you, kept them separated any time I couldn't intervene in a hurry, but it only lasted for a few weeks before the danger passed.

  5. Thank you Pepp for sharing your experience. I will try it. I definitely prefer to keep him and have kitty harmony than have to get rid of him. Thanks!

  6. Why would u consider giving away one of ur current cats in exchange for another. It would be more respectful to give 'Winky'back and keep ollie. The way u exchange and replace pets is really wrong.

  7. "Anonymous", again another critical thing to say to me while hiding behind anonymous. Your moral judgments about how or what I do with my pets holds no weight with me when you can't even stand behind your own words.