Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bet You Can't Do This!

Dobby and Winky are adjusting well to our new home. As you can see here, Marshall has grown quite fond of Dobby and vice versa.

How many of you have experienced a cat kneading with both paws? According to Wikipedia: "Kneading is an activity common to all domestic cats whereby, when in a state of ease, they alternately push out and pull in their front paws, often alternating between right and left limbs."

Also, according to Wikipedia, sometimes this behavior is accompanied by sucking on your shirt or a blanket. Also when a cat is in a state of ease, this goes back to when they were sucking on their mother's teats.

Okay, how many of you have cats that suck their own teats while kneading, raise your hand?

I can now raise my hand to that. Introducing, Dobby's unique talent. You won't believe until you see it. Which is why I videotaped it. I felt slightly dirty, sitting next to him, videotaping this but of course that didn't stop me. And yes, Dobby is a boy.

I can't wait until he does this when we have guests over. The funniest part is when he tries it while sitting on Marshall. Marshall immediately stops him and says, "Aww, man... have some respect for yourself!" Though Marshall says if Dobby does do this in front of guests we should just act like it's normal behavior and wait to see if they respond. That's assuming I can keep from bursting into a fit of giggles.

I'm thinking of joining the circus side show circuit. Me and my naked male teat-suckling kitty. Perhaps we should come up with a nickname for him. Dobby "Thunder-Teats".


  1. Oh. My. Gosh. Laughing outloud. Have never seen an adult cat suck anything.

    Love your naked kitties though. We have lots of friends with cat allergies, and I am wishing our kitty was hairless.

    Where do find your little friends??

  2. @scooping it up, I just googled "Sphynx Breeders Southern California" and emailed every breeder on the list. I found my two new babies from the ones that contacted me back.

  3. Those kitties look like rebels...they When they hit 18 in kitty years they may come home with some ink:

  4. WHOA Jamie!!! Although I admit it looks freakin' cool, having experienced the pain of tattoos several times, I could never do that to one of my cats. Now temporary tattoos on a hairless kitty... I would and I have! *snickers*

  5. i am so glad i dont have hairless kitties...pretty sure i would sit fascinated all day long...i already find it very difficult to motivate cool..i love his hands...

  6. the video is really gross but funny. :)It's seems a bit wrong the way you just replace ur pets when one dies. I don't mean to offend but it just sends the wrong msg to ur kids.

  7. Dear "Anonymous", I find it funny how when someone has a critical thing to say, they are too chicken to sign their name. And therefore, I find it humorous that you seem to know what sends the best message to MY kids, who you don't know.

  8. When I was a kid, we had a dog for 16 years. She was the best. Dog. EVER. There aren't enough words to tell you how important she was in our household. The day my mom had to take her to be put down, was the worst. Day. EVER.

    We immediately wanted a new dog. Not to replace her, but because we love dogs. All 5 kids & both parents love dogs. My mom didn't want to get a new dog right away thinking it was not the right thing. She gave in about 2 months later when they brought home a new puppy saying she couldn't take it anymore. Without a dog in the house, our house was missing something.

    We didn't miss our first dog any less. We didn't love our new dog any differently. I still miss our first dog 17 years later. I also miss our second dog that passed at the age of 10.

    I know how much you loved that Sphynx cat. She's certainly nothing like the others. ;)

  9. know...hiding behind the "Anonymous" tag certainly sends the right message to Anonymous's children about how to handle potential conflict.

  10. To break your negative anonymous commenting...
    I will say something critical and use my name.

    hmm...I got nothing.

    Oh, I think you posted awhile back about going to see the last air bender. If you enjoyed that movie....I criticize that. ;-)

  11. Jamie, thank you for the much needed smile! (I did not love the Last Airbender)

  12. thanks Julie. Now I have to convince hubs...