Thursday, November 4, 2010


We are in Monterey, California for a little vacation because Marshall's parents were going and generously invited us to go along. We had never been to Monterey before but I can safely say this won't be our last time here.

We're in a beautiful hotel. When they said "ocean views" they actually meant the waves (from 30 foot swells) would be crashing against the side of the hotel at high tide. I've traded the barking neighbor dog for barking sea lions outside our hotel room.

This is my view from the hotel bed...

My view from the balcony...

And what you see when you look down from the balcony...

My view from the in-hotel restaurant where we eat our breakfast each morning...

And my view from the hotel spa. Oh yes I did have an 80 minute deep tissue massage this morning, and yes it was sooooo awesome.

When it's time to check out of this hotel, I believe I will be crying. And will probably need to be dragged out of the hotel. Though I'm not sure I will miss the 24 hour sea lion barking. It's cute at first. Where are the Great White Sharks when you need them. What?


  1. lol u crack me up - gorg trip - i was wondering what was going on from your tweets :P


  2. What a beautiful hotel! I hope you are having a wonderful time :)

  3. these are beautiful shots...i want to go day maybe...