Friday, November 12, 2010

Pool Progress!

I mentioned a while back that we were building a pool in our backyard. For the past 12 years our backyard has been a barren wasteland. Finally we will have something we can use and share with our friends!

The pool is ALMOST done. I know, just in time for winter, though the pool and spa are heated and the fire pit will get lots of use during the winter months. And frankly, this is the best time for the landscaper to plant all the trees and plants. Everything is on a timer system so I won't have to water a single thing... not even the little planters around the firepit. #luckyme

Next on the list... plaster, finishing plumbing and electrical and low voltage landscape lighting.

Oh yes... and here are the pictures.


  1. Gorgeous! Love those glass (?) tiles!!

  2. Thank you Nichole! They are glass tiles, which it turns out are much more expensive than ceramic tiles, LOL.

  3. Wow! Doesn't look like the same backyard! Lol

  4. Love the gorgeous purple tiles. they are like jewelry for your backyard. Let us know when the first party is so we all come over. LOL

  5. those glass tiles wouldnt be purple would is going to be stunning when it is done...good job supervising girl