Monday, November 22, 2010

Here We Go Again

So we have backyard bunnies that run free, right? And our two non-neutered bunnies (Jasper and Alice) are in separate cages in the backyard.

Both Alice and Jasper had their own cage that looks like this...

Have you noticed what that cage is made of? If you answered "wood", give yourself a pat on the back. Next question... what material do backyard bunnies like to chew on? If you again answered "wood", give yourselves another pat on the back!

So... the backyard bunnies had a favorite pasttime of chewing on the wooden legs of Jasper's cage. This had been going on quite some time, to where there was just a little nub in the middle holding the cage up. On October 18th, while we were outside, the cage leg finally broke and Jasper (the mother of all our bunny litters) and her cage went tumbling to the ground. I quickly ran and got Jasper, but having no other cage to put her in, was forced to put her in the male bunny's cage.

I then walked in and said to Marshall, "Jasper's cage finally broke. Had to put her in with Alice. So we will have baby bunnies in 30 days."

Fortunately for me, Marshall was very excited about the prospect of a new batch of bunnies. And true to her word (or nature), Jasper gave birth to a normal sized litter of 3 baby bunnies, on November 18th. (that past litter of 6 bunnies was a total fluke and way more than dwarf bunnies are supposed to have)

So today the bun-buns are 4 days old and mama bunny is taking care of them all by herself. We repaired the wooden cage so she was able to give birth without Alice's help. In the past, she's had white, black, brown and gray bunnies. Well... without further ado... here they are.

Ladies and gentleman... we finally have a GINGER bun-bun!!! AND a partial-ginger bun-bun, which looks exactly like mama Jasper. And the gray one looks exactly like daddy Alice. And I'm glad for her sake she has a normal size litter this time.

But just one question... we finally get a ginger bun-bun and how can anyone expect me to give it away?!!


  1. Sooooo, I'm thinking you get yourself to the hardware store and buy some sheet metal to wrap those legs in...
    But they are cute.

  2. But just think, Gina... if I had done that before... we wouldn't have these cute bun-buns now! ;)

  3. Who could not love those sweet faces and little tiny ears...This is why I can't have animals that reproduce...I could never give them away. Hi, bun buns!

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