Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Just Like Bunnies

This is a conversation that happened at my house on Monday.

As I was walking out of the room Haven (age 10) asks... "Mama? How does a boy and a girl make a baby?"

Me: *stopping in my tracks, frozen* "Uh, kind of like how our bunnies do it."

Haven: "So they just jump on each other?"

Me: Sometimes. *reaches for some Xanax* "Uh, not exactly. Kind of like that but not exactly. Ask Daddy when he gets home."

Haven: "But how will I know how to do it if you don't tell me?"

Me: "You will figure it out. AFTER you're married."

Haven: *exasperated sigh*

Me: *sigh* "Ok, it's kind of like bunnies, but you're facing each other without your clothes on." *hyperventilating*

Haven: O_o "But there's hugging and kissing involved?"

Me: *dying* "Uh, yeah. But it's private, you know."

Haven: "What do you mean it's private?"

Me: "Well you don't do it in front of anyone else like the bunnies do, and you don't always do it to make a baby. You do it whenever you want. WHEN YOU'RE MARRIED."

Haven: "Oh, so that's what you mean when you say no one can touch our privates but the doctor, Mama and Daddy and our husband or wife?"

Me: "Uh yeah" *passes out*

Haven: "But how exactly does it happen? Is there a book or something that tells you how?"

Me: "Uh...uh... Yes, and I'll buy it for you as a wedding present!" *runs out of room screaming*


  1. Oh boy. Being pregnant, Abigail has had some questions about how babies get into the "special room" called a uterus inside the momma's belly. Thankfully, she was satisfied with an egg/fertilizer explanation, without needing details on how those two get together:) Besides, I distracted her with talking about how the baby gets out of the "special room" and how she gets to cut the umbilical cord with Daddy when the baby comes out!

    How did your parents talk to you about sex? I don't think my parents did- that's what I had a big sister for...

    Now, are you prepared for Haven to tell Seamus and Marlie, and for them to have all sorts of questions?

  2. L. M. A. O.

    I dread having this conversation with my 10 year old, btw. I'll let you know how it goes as soon as the embarrassment ensues, so you won't feel alone. ;)

  3. Well you know it's that time right? I absolutely remember giving my girls the *talk*. Always obsessed with doing everything to the best of my abilities...I ran out and bought books! Yep, books on the subject, with illustrations etc! I wanted to be prepared for anything and everything. Here I sat on the bed with each one, saying what I needed to say, showing them how I marked pages I wanted them to look over (when we weren't together!) and advising them *bad* boys were etc! Dying laughing thinking about it today!! But here I was, all ready for whatever they could throw at me...and what was their response? Nothing. Silence. LOL! Guess I should be grateful they didn't laugh in my face! When the boy had his turn, I said no way on that one!
    Enjoyed your story very much! Luv,Faye

  4. I love it! Kids are awesome at asking those questions that stop us in our tracks that we thought oh I have years yet!

    It's been for ever since I have blogged and I'm trying to get back in to it! I thought about you the other I was driving down the road and saw a purple house :-)

  5. At 10, I think he's old enough to grasp the concept. Most children have sex education classes in school around his age. Better his parents tell him the truth then another child!