Friday, August 20, 2010

My Kung Fu Pandas

Haven has been in Homeschool Karate (Tae Kwan Do) for the past year and has moved up several belts. It is only one day a week but he has gotten so much out of it, mainly a respect for martial arts and a desire to continue at a more intense level.

The kids have become obsessed with Jackie Chan... or maybe they've become interested and I'm the one who is obsessed. And yes I do follow him on Twitter. We've been working our way through several of his movies, including one of our favorites, Drunken Master. (which we did not screen before watching with the kids and we enjoyed despite flinching at the foul language and name calling) Other than that, it shows a young Jackie Chan doing drunken Kung Fu moves, which is AWESOME.

It was also time to sign up Seamus for some sort of sport. Given his energy, I felt he needed something more than one day a week, so I didn't think the Homeschool Karate would be a good fit. When I asked Seamus if he wanted to take Kung Fu, he said he wanted to be taught "Drunken Master". I love that boy! I shopped around for a Kung Fu academy that was nice to the kids (and didn't require that I sign a waver allowing them to spank my child... not making that up) and I found this place. It's not the closest Kung Fu academy to our house, but I think it's the best fit for our kids.

Marlie also needed to be signed up for something. I was going to sign her up for a dance class, but the time of the class conflicted with Seamus' Kung Fu class and I figured she'd enjoy Kung Fu just as much. She does love Jackie Chan as much as the boys do.

So... Tuesday we came to the academy to "observe" the younger kids class for Seamus and Marlie, and the older kids' beginner class for Haven. Marshall and I were the only ones observing, because Master Steve invited the kids to participate in the classes. He was so good with the kids and they really responded to his teaching. Needless to say all three of them had such a fantastic time, they all asked to be signed up for classes. While Seamus and Marlie will have Kung Fu twice a week, Haven will have it three times a week.

Yesterday was their first official day of Kung Fu. Of course I made them line up together in their little uniforms so I could take their picture, like any good mom would do.

Thankfully Marshall brought his fancy camera along to capture the action.

I think they all did great on their first day. And if I'm not mistaken, I might just have some future Kung Fu (hopefully not drunken) Masters on my hands.

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  1. I took karate as a kid, I thought it was pretty cool. I am sure they will all get a lot out of it, they look into it!