Friday, August 13, 2010

All About A Bunny

I'm going to tell you a little story about a rabbit. A giant rabbit. Named Anya. We got her this past Christmas when she was a baby.

We loved and loved her, and soon found out she is the sweetest bunny that ever lived.

To keep her from any potential predators, we decided she would be an inside bunny. Living in the laundry room and adjacent bathroom where the cats sleep at night. But just one problem... the flooring in those rooms was linoleum.

The rabbit breeder warned us that linoleum was bad flooring for Flemish Giants. Due to their large weight and size, they have trouble getting traction on slick surfaces, which puts extra stress on their ligaments. This condition will eventually lead to permanent invalidity in the rabbit.

Since it is easier to modify flooring for the bunny than it is to find a bunny-sized wheelchair, we covered the linoleum with grass mats. It worked fine for giving the bunny traction, but was very messy and difficult to keep the area clean. We needed a better solution. So, I went to the tile store in search of textured, non-slip ceramic tile.

Now that the tile was picked and an installation date was scheduled, it was time to move our bunny out of her room. But where to put her? She doesn't fit in a regular bunny cage. So we went to the store and got her a dog crate.

Haven tested it to make sure she would fit.

She did fit, but was not happy about being stuck in such a small space. Despite her unhappiness, she was a good girl and used her litterbox inside the crate.

And we made a point to give her lots of love and attention. Seamus tried to empathize with her.

And I made sure to take her out on her leash so she could stretch her legs.

Four whole days in the crate, and she was about to go postal. Which I'm pretty sure would entail her flinging poop balls at us. I think she was ready to come up with a strategy. But the flooring was finished yesterday, so today I let Anya out of her tiny crate, and into her new and improved room.

Now that's one very, happy bunny. I'm pretty sure she's smiling.


  1. Oh wow she is gorgeous (and so are your cats). The floor looks fab and you sure have one very contented looking bunny (and cats!).

  2. She looks considerably more happy with that new flooring! It's amazing how big she is compared to the washing machine...I was never able to envision it until I looked at that picture.

  3. JellyBeanRainbow said...

    I bet all you pets are smiling!

  4. YOU are excellent bunny mommy. Anya looks smug. :)

  5. What a beauty she is! Love the new floor!

  6. Tile looks great!

    Now I'm wanting a bunny. HA!

  7. Wow, she is one beautiful and big bunny. We have a tiny bunny. Sammy is almost five and is such a sweet pet.