Saturday, July 31, 2010

My Roses

The roses that edge our driveway are lovely this time of year.

I'm sure Marshall could've taken better pics with his real camera, but I just used my iPhone for these. How do I get my roses to look so good? Listen carefully, because it's very detailed....

Bought them bare root from Jackson and Perkins years ago. Watered them with a drip system until they were established. Current care for the roses.... nothing. nada. zip. I don't spray them, fertilize them, or even water them.

I love Southern California.


  1. They're beautiful Julie. I'm on the same rose routine, I do nothing but trim them back after they bloom.

    I'm loving this weather we're having but did we skip summer?

  2. Uh Wendy, where were you last week when it was 109 degrees? I'm hoping that's the end of the torturous heat.