Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Our house has been a construction zone of late. Marshall surprised me one day by saying I could get our kitchen counters (Formica) replaced with granite. He said it was my reward for doing our taxes every year for our almost 14 years of marriage. 11 years ago when we bought our house and did a full kitchen remodel, granite just wasn't in the budget.

I had to remove everything out of the lower kitchen cabinets before the contractors ripped out our old counters. Then I had to wait for them to cut the granite and get an appointment for them to install the new counters. Last week (the 4th week without counters and living off of paper plates) they finally installed the counters. Obviously they made a mess, so we are having the kitchen repainted. And I do mean "having". Like the guy is in the kitchen right now, painting. And while we were at it, we decided to have him repaint the hallway to the bedrooms, remove the popcorn ceiling in the hallways and repaint the hall bathroom. Meanwhile, I still haven't been able to put all my kitchen stuff back in the cabinets. Everything is in boxes all around the house, so we've been confined to the back of the house.

Back to the granite countertops... I was a little concerned when the guy who came to install them had only one eye. Hello #depthperceptionfail. He didn't have a fake eye or anything. Just a closed eye lid and empty eye socket. Marshall and I were wondering if we should offer to help keep an eye on things. Or ask him to keep an eye on things. *shrugs* He did have a partner who had both of his eyes, so I suppose with three eyes on the project, they were able to do the job. And what a beautiful job they did! The counters look amazing. Seams are almost undetectable. I'll provide a picture as soon as it is finished being painted.

Speaking of paint, our painter has been working for us for years. Painted our house exterior three times in the last 11 years. Yes he is the one who painted it purple. And yes, he thinks I'm slightly crazy for it. But I've gotten to know him a bit and I absolutely love him. He is from Korea. He's a 6th degree black belt and a Korean Olympic Champion. He makes his living with his painting business, but he still does tournaments and assists his brother who owns a Martial Arts Studio. Now that Haven is taking Karate, he has been interested in watching movies about Martial Arts and advancing in his belts. Today our painter brought over a protection vest and target (I'm sure there's a technical name for them) for Haven.

He gave Haven a few pointers and showed Seamus (who will be starting Karate soon) how to punch Haven, while he's wearing his vest. He even demonstrated a few Roundhouse Kicks for us! I bow to his awesomeness. How's his painting? Thorough and perfectionistic, as you would expect of someone as disciplined as he in the Martial Arts. If any of you Los Angeles locals want his contact info, email me. I highly recommend him.

As if that wasn't enough going on, we got retractable Phantom Screens installed today on our back French Doors. It's giving us a nice breeze through the house and hopefully we can run our A/C less often.

The kids are a bit stir crazy, confined mainly to the family room all day long, several days in a row. I know all this "inconvenience" will be worth it when it's all done and the dust has settled. And by "dust" of course I'm talking about that fine drywall dust that is covering every surface in the house and will continue to settle for weeks.

Pictures to come soon!

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  1. Great informative entry, but I can't shake that one eyed animal out of my mind...you crack me up!