Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wacky Wednesday

Marshall and I were at a restaurant last night, waiting in line to pay our bill at the register, when the elderly gentleman in front of us (bending over to sign his receipt) let out a very loud and impressively long fart. He acted like he didn't notice. And it took every bit of Marshall's and my self-control not to bust out laughing.

Hey Mr. Farts-and-doesn't-know-it: You fart in my face at a restaurant, imma gonna take your pic and post it on the internets.


  1. Okay, apparently I really am just a 12 year-old boy at heart because I busted out laughing just reading this! Too funny!!

  2. Obviously I'm a twelve-year old boy too, because I'm the one who snapped a pic without hesitation. LOL

  3. Dude! This is so great. You kill me. :) and i would totally do that in fact im not sure i havent :)