Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Straighten Myself Out

Marlie has been on this I-Must-Have-Straight-Hair kick since she had her hair cut and it was blown & ironed straight by her hair stylist. In fact, Marlie has been asking daily to have her hair cut again.

As much as I want her to be happy with her naturally curly hair, I must admit it is MUCH EASIER to deal with. Her hair is silky & easy to comb through WITH A BRUSH!

So last night when Marlie had a bath, she asked me to take her newly washed & wet hair and make it beautiful again. *sigh*

I of course had to purchase items prior to be able to do this.

I got the flat iron the hair stylist recommended.

And I went to Sally's and explained to the lady that I needed a hair dryer for the purpose of blowing straight my daughter's hair... oh and she's from Africa. She recommended this hair dryer, that I'm pretty sure was used on Solid Gold.

And... I also picked up this oil/serum from the hair stylist when we were there since she used it on Marlie's hair.

That stuff is freakin' expensive! But it's my new favorite product. I love love love what it does on Marlie's hair and I even use a tiny bit of it on the ends of my hair. Plus it smells just like cotton candy. I mean, come on! Cotton Candy!!!

You ready for the result?

Marlie loves it. And I'm pretty proud of myself being able to actually accomplish it on my first try. Whew knew?!

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Gingersnaps In The Morning


  1. omgosh!!!! you reproduced salon hair. I'm seriously impressed. and awed. you're capable of curls, fancy braids AND straight hair. Marlie is one lucky girl!!!!

  2. Hi Julie - I read your blog a lot because I'm with WHFC waiting for my Ethiopian adoption referral. I just had to comment this time...great job on her hair! Like you, I love the more natural look on a regular basis, but her straight hair really does look beautiful. I can't even get my own wavy hair that straight with a blowdryer (so I don't bother).

    Laura (WHFC waiting family in CT)

  3. Gingersnaps? Too racy for me! I'll stick to Fox news. :-)

  4. Hi! First time caller...Somehow I stumbled onto your blog while searching for haircare ideas for my child who is AA and was adopted in Florida. Your daughter's hair is gorgeous and I appreciate the step by step directions and product suggestions! Just wondering, what is Marley's natural hair texture? It looks so much finer and less frizzy than my daughter's hair. Just wondering if there is any way in h-e-double hockey sticks I would ever get my daughter's hair to look like that.

  5. Hi Anonymous, here is a picture of my daughter's hair in its natural state.


  6. Hey Julie, I just took a look at the before pic and her hair is getting "big!" :-) I still haven't tried the straight look on Rahel -- still to chicken. Marlie's hair looks thicker than Rahel's. I'm going to try the heat serum though! You did a great job on her hair, as usual!

  7. Thanks for your response! Sorry to be anonymous. I have a google log in and I just can't remember it. Anyhoo, is her hair really dry and kinky? It's hard to tell by the pic.

  8. Hi Ann/no-longer-anonymous, :) My daughter's hair is not super dry/kinky. Of course hair texture varies so much. I would say her texture is a little closer to what I would stereotype as biracial hair. (even though that varies as well) It's soft with looser curls, but if I leave it natural, I have to add lots of moisturizing product daily and comb through it DAILY or it will be a tangled mess in the back which isn't fun for either of us to fix.

  9. I was thinking that it looked a lot more like biracial hair. Not to generalize, but it seems like Ethiopians are blessed with softer hair, in addition to being astoundingly beautiful. Pretty sure I hate them! LOL! Thanks for your help!

  10. LOL Ann! After traveling to Ethiopia to pick up our daughter, I have to say they have some of the most beautiful people on the planet!

    I'd still say (depending on the age of your daughter) try doing the blowing out & flat iron. Even if her texture is more coarse, it might make it more manageable. Just don't chemically straighten it.

  11. Damn the Ethiopians and their beauty! LOL My daughter just turned 3 so I think I would have to give her a roofie to get her to sit still for a blow out and flat iron. And society frowns on that...sigh. :)

  12. Did you see Chris Rock's documentary, "Good Hair"? That was an eye opener. Very informative and I came away with a very different opinion about chemicals, weaves, ect. No plans to subject the 3 year old to chemical burns or 8 hours in a chair for weaves. He has daughters and said something about how he wants them to understand that what is inside their heads is WAY more important than what is on top of their heads.

  13. Yes Ann! My hubby & I watched it recently. It was definitely an eye opener for us too.

    LOL on drugging your girl to keep her still while you do her hair. You're cracking me up!

  14. Glad you understood that was a joke! I started to get paranoid and worry about a visit from social services. LOL!

  15. Great job on her hair! Is it possible that she gets more beautiful every day?!
    I agree that we all need to appreciate who we are, but as a curly headed girl myself, I love to have choices!
    I'm going to have to check out that blow dryer. Thanks!

  16. Hi I'm new to your blog. Stumbled upon it by accident but I've always had a big interest in adopting so I got hooked immediately :O) I have a 5 year old goddaughter adopted from Ethiopia Caira and I somehow became the official hairdresser . Cai has hair pretty similar to Marlie's so I'm hoping you won't mind if i leave a few tips. I know this sounds weird but add some coconut milk to her hair along with the conditioner and a little coconut oil afterward. Her hair will be sooo much straighter, shinier and softer. Apparently coconut is a natural,mild curl relaxer which means having to use less of the damaging heat on those tender curls. Just don't use too much of each of her hair will be weighed down. Also, natural Shea butter is hands down the best thing for moisture that we could find (and trust me it was a long frantic search to tame that nest!). I promise you won't regret it!