Friday, April 30, 2010

I'm Beyond Help

Say hello to my little friend...

I'm beyond help. There is no cure for my animal addiction. I accept it. I'm the crazy cat lady that lives in a purple house. Let's move on.

Our kitty Yemen is a sweet, social kitty that lives in an outdoor enclosure. (to protect him from the evil neighbor kitty) He loves being outside, but he is lonely. Kitty No-Name will be his friend once he's old enough to be outside. Right now he's only 5 weeks old and fits in my hand.

We don't know yet if it's a girl or boy. I'll take it to the vet this afternoon and once we know the gender, we'll start working on names. For now he'll be living in the front bedroom.

I promised promised PROMISED Marshall that this kitty WILL end up an outside kitty. Yes I know I promised him that with the last kitty we got (who was also supposed to be Yemen's companion) but it just didn't work out.

But this one will!!! I'm just sure of it. *avoids eye contact with everyone*

Oh and in case you're wondering, this is kitty #7.


  1. You ARE the crazy cat lady.
    Who takes care of all your cuteness when you go on vacations?

  2. A high schooler from our church and her mother take care of the animals when we're on vacation. Not only do they feed them, they get out the toys and play with them! We're very lucky!

  3. I love him/her.... Serious cuteness!

  4. No Name Kitty is beautiful and perfect and I'm sure will love looking out at Yemen from inside the house. Heh!

    Miss D
    Owned by 3 cats & 3 dogs

  5. Yay crazy animal lady! You're my heroine! Wait. That doesn't look right. :/ LOL! Cheers to kitty no-name!

  6. THANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS! I made my husband read it. He thinks I am the official crazy cat lady.

    We had one domestic cat, two savannahs, and one full-fledged serval living in our house at once two years ago. He really thought I had gone mad.

    7 plus a farm of other animals makes me look relatively normal. Thank you thank you thank you.....

  7. LMAO Jamie!!! I'm so glad my animal insanity validates your normalcy. Just doing my part to help others out. ;)

  8. Brian (my husband) thinks anyone with more than three cats will one day turn into this: