Friday, March 26, 2010

Bless My Homeland Forever

*whispers* You may have noticed a post that was up and then promptly taken off. Turns out I underestimated the power of the Force and their ability to find my own tiny little personal blog. They requested I take the pictures down, but to show my full cooperation I immediately deleted the post. Apparently that set well with them and I'm welcome to visit again in the future... without my camera I'm sure.

Moving on... Marlie loves loves loves singing Edelweiss. Well I got it on video. She is just the cutest little thing.


  1. she is super adorable!!

    My boys are just happy they saw the Ranch before it disappeared... ;-)

  2. So sorry I missed it, but Marlee is far better, I am sure:)

  3. That is just adorable Julie! I can't wait until the time I get to visit back with my fam and our girls get to meet each other!!!

  4. Never underestimate the powers of the force.

    Huge sci-fi geek that I am, I'm really glad I got to see your visit to Skywalker Ranch before the Sith tracked you down. Looked like a really run trip. So jealous!! : )

  5. That is so cute! My dad used to sing me to sleep with that song when I was little. It is now "our" song. I even surprised him with the instrumental version for the processional at our wedding. Every time I hear it it makes me cry!

    My parents are still a little leery of our Ethiopian adoption- I sent him the link and it made him cry! They're softening- So, thank you very much for sharing this!

  6. wow...she is better than the von trapps...anyday...and cuter...well..except for christopher plummer..he was pretty missed the foresaken post...dangit...but i prefer this one...and look how long her hair is