Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wacky Wednesday

Did you ever want to make a picture like this? Now is your lucky day with my step by step tutorial:

1. Get yourself a hairless kitty.

2. Purchase a chihuahua sized bikini from a pet supply store.

3. Put bikini on hairless kitty and take a picture of them with your iPhone.  If you do not have an iPhone, then #1 should be "buy an iPhone" and this would be #4. 

4. (assuming you have that iPhone) Download the app "backgrounds", which is free.  

5. Download the app "Vampire Transformer", which is 99 cents. You don't have to like vampires to get good use of this application. It's essentially a photoshop-type app with masks where you can put together as many layers as you want. 

6. (we're almost there) Pick the background you want from your backgrounds app and use it as the bottom picture in the Vampire Transformer. 

7. Resist the temptation to transform yourself into a vampire (save that for another day) and put your naked kitty in a bikini pic on the top layer. 

8. A little swish swish of the finger and voila! You've got a naked kitty in a bikini at the beach! 

 You're welcome!


  1. Pink is a good color for Buffy :)

  2. i amso PO'd that in the summer I thought a blackberry was the way to i have a stupid plan with virgin and i cant get an the you think it would be as cool if i put my dog in a full size bikini

  3. That is so cute!!!!!!!! (downloading the app)