Thursday, February 18, 2010


Yes! (as most of you knew) We're in San Francisco! Marshall got a spot at the Photoshop Celebration so we decided to make a family trip of it.  Once again, HotWire came through for us, getting us a four star hotel for $100/night. We have adjoining rooms at the end of the floor.  Marshall and I snagged the corner room for ourselves. Cause we're like that. 

Today we went to the California Academy of Sciences Museum.  Who would've thought that a Thursday morning in February would be more busy than a summer weekend at Disney! Yes that made it pretty miserable with the exhibit hoggers and the screaming kids and the adults that kept bumping into us.  There were lots of people who needed to be smacked at that place.  

Anywho, we survived. AND we saw some cool stuff.  And I had a great time taking pics on my iPhone with my Hipstamatic App.  Cause it just makes everything cooler. 

Example: You can take a regular pic with your iphone and have it look like this:

Or you can take it with the Hipstamatic App and it will look like this:

Yep. Definitely better.  Here's a bunch of pics I took with that app today. 


  1. Fantastic pictures! Isn't San Francisco just wonderful? I love it there...

  2. Your pictures are beautiful. Glad you are having a good time.

  3. Cool! Two talented photographers in the same family! Who knew????

  4. oh my goodness!! are you still here?!?! will you be here for the weekend? would LOVE to see you!!!

  5. So many gorgeous photos! Jellyfish are so cool looking... if only they didn't sting. >.<

    Oh & btw I gave you a beautiful blogger award cause you ROCK! :D