Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hair Today, Gone In A Few Weeks

Due to popular demand (from my facebook buddies) I have decided to do a little hair tutorial on how I did this...

The items needed:

hair detangler 

wide tooth comb

rat tail comb

(for babies and squirmy toddlers)

(for kids who can sit still and cleaner parts)

hair bands from Sally's Beauty Supply (available online or in stores)

(I have not found any other hairbands that can compare to this brand)

The flower clips are from Claire's. (available in stores only) 

1. Spray the hair with detangler and comb out with a wide tooth comb. 

2. Grab rat tail comb to start making parts. 

3. First do a part from forehead to back of neck, separating the hair in a right side and a left side. (don't freak out.. I altered the images in photoshop to show which part to do first)

4. Make a part from ear to ear. 

5. Do the first diagonal part. 

6. Do the second diagonal part. 

7. Now that you're done making the parts, it's time to put each section into a hair band, like making little pony tails. 

You can either keep the hair like this, braid each section of hair (adding a second hair band at the bottom of each braid), or make zulu knots like I did in the top picture.  I find the hairstyle stays together for the longest (2 weeks) when I put the hair sections into braids. 

8. For making zulu knots, take each little pony tail and twist the hair tightly to form a little "knot". Secure the end of the hair by tucking it under the knot and adding a second hair band around the entire knot at the base.

9. Afterwards, you can add hair clips for decoration, like the flower clips I used. Just slide them in, just above the zulu knots. 

10. Get someone to give you a back massage because you'll likely need it when you are done. 

Tip: Sometimes if I don't feel like doing the entire hairstyle at once, I often make the parts and leave them in the pony tails stage.  Then the next day I will style the pony tails. 

Other views: 

And who wants to see baby bunnies?

Their fuzz is coming in, making the colors more visible. Three white, one gray and two brown.  Mama bunny was spotted nursing them and cleaning them. Yay!


  1. great and informative tutorial. Marlie is really looking like a big girl!

  2. Great job Mom! Cute hairstyle. Maybe one day I'll get to try it! Check me summer 2011 or 2012.

  3. THANK YOU JULIE! I had NEVER seen this one done and was trying to noodle it. Thank you so much for showing I get it! Can't wait to do it on Bekah after I take out her current style out!

  4. It will work on straight blonde hair too. You need Paul Mitchell Wax Works or the generic that you can get at Sally. Rub som wax onto each section and then comb it smooth and put in the rubber bands. The hair will be sticky so you will have to twist it or braid it. And, it will not last nearly as long....

  5. Wow! Thanks for the tutorial! She just gets more beautiful every day. And congrats on the bunnies.

  6. Ok. How do you get her to sit still? I have a wiggly girl, and not even a video, chocolate, and a highchair will keep her down. She also likes to shake her head when I do the parts. I got about 4 nubian knots in the front and that was about it. I'm open to suggestions!!!

  7. She is SO pretty, Julie! And nice job on her hair!!!

    Baby bunnies! And uneaten!!! Very cute!

  8. Cute hair!! Can't wait til our little Ru gets enough hair to style...

    Oh, and seriously cute bunnies!!!!

  9. She is one seriously beautiful child and I love her hair style! So creative.