Friday, February 12, 2010

Funny Friday

So apparently none of you guys noticed that yesterday was THURSDAY, not Wednesday. Obviously I didn't notice either. Well, that just makes my Wacky Wednesday post even wackier. (good recover, don't you think?)

Add the Hoodie Footie to the list of things I'm too embarrassed to buy, but probably would wear in the privacy of my own home. It has "marshmallow softness".  How can you pass that up?

Now this I'm seriously thinking of getting. Pajama Jeans!!!

Soooooo....which one are you getting? 


  1. not that I can't see why you would need a Hoodie Footie, but that infomercial is weird LOL

  2. I just heard an ad on the radio for the Hoodie-Footie from PjamaGram. It's a little pricier on their site ($99!!)

    I do have a question for them though. If "once you get in, you'll never want to get out"...then why on earth would a guy buy those for a Valentine's Day gift (as Pajama Gram was promoting them)? I'm just sayin'...

  3. I saw the pajama jeans ad the other day...they actually don't look that awful...

    would I wear them out to dinner? doubtful. would I wear them to walmart? probably.

  4. ummmm i have never seen this commercial before..(did i spell that right)..anyhow...i like the whole idea of the hoodie footie thing....but...i would still want a they make it for us super sized beauties...and the pajamas jeans excited me to no end...i could wear them to work and to bed...and get up and wear them to work then go to bed and keep them on and get up..and so