Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bunnies and the Bees

This morning my son Haven (age 10) crawled in bed with me and wanted to talk about how babies were made.

Haven: "So how did you get pregnant when you just wanted to?"

Me: "Uh, you've watched the bunnes. You've seen how they do it."

Haven: "So... that means Daddy just pounces on you?"

Me: *wide eyed, speechless* "Hey babe, why don't you ask Daddy about it when he gets home?"

Haven: "I don't want to ask Daddy. I want to ask YOU."

Me: (lucky me) "Well Daddy has a seed and Mama has an egg and when the egg and seed get together..."

Haven: {interrupting} "I KNOW, but how does Daddy's seed get to your egg? I mean you're not attached to each other or anything."

Me: "Hold please" *runs out of the room screaming*


  1. Aint motherhood wonderful at times like these? Good luck with the other two as well. maybe Haven will explain it to Seamus and you wont have to! lol

  2. Julie...this is SO funny! But I am sitting here thinking...OH NO...when am I going to have to deal with this?!

  3. Ha! Yes, been there and I DID get saddled with that talk. It went relatively well, but when we were done, he said, "now I see the man has a hard job. How he ever gets that woman to sleep naked I will never know!" lolol

  4. LOVE it!!!! I thought I was handling it very well alone until my son finally said, "Never mind! This is getting too embarassing. I'll just ask Dad!" He was 8. I'll never forget that shocked look on his face...priceless!!

  5. see now that is the problem with kids not going to school...(if your kids are not homeschooled ignore this) my kids learned everything they needed to know by kindergarden....from the kids in their school..and asked me if it was true...yep..it was true...i am pretty sure they even knew stuff I didnt know...

  6. CUTE! I had "the talk last year" @9yo :) LOT happened that year including Santa.