Thursday, February 4, 2010


It's becoming a morning ritual for the kids to crawl jump in bed with us in the mornings. Yesterday there was much jumping and body slamming to be had when the following conversation took place:

Haven: "Owww... Seamus just hit my bladders"

Me: "Bladders, as in more than one?"

Haven: "Yes those two balls under my pee-pee."

Me: *snicker* "Babe, they're called 'testicles'."

Haven: "Testicles? That sounds like tentacles! Bwahahahahahaha!"

Me: "Babe, you're 10 years old now, you're too old to be calling it a 'pee-pee'."

Haven: "What's it supposed to be called?"

Me: "Penis, but I don't really like that word either."

Haven: "Hey Seamus, the real word for pee-pee is a penis!"

Seamus: *stands on the bed and yells* "I HAVE THE BIGGEST PENIS EVER!!!"

Marshall: *laughing* "Well yes. But you should only use it for good."

Haven: "So what am I supposed to call it then?"

Me: "How about you call it your 'hee haw'.

*hysterical laughter*



  1. Google ads to accompany your blog today..."Contact a urologist online" and "Natural bladder support". LOL
    I thought I would split my sides laughing when I saw the ads on the side.

  2. Sounds like conversations with my 2 boys. smiles.

  3. Bwahahahahaha! Boys are so entertaining!

  4. I nominate you for mother of the year. and hee haw sounds much better

  5. we jokingly call vaginas hoo haws so that works for us. lol one kid called his a peenie..(not my kid by the way) I laughed every time I heard it and thought, one day you will regret being known as the "kid with a peenie" or worse, it would turn into "teenie peenie" lololol

  6. ROTFL!
    What more can I say?

  7. Hahahaha!!! That has to be the best conversation I've ever read!

  8. Oh my gosh, I am going to need to read some books if I ever have boys!