Monday, January 18, 2010

Testing the Force

I love Star Wars. I mean, I REALLY love Star Wars. And of course when I say "Star Wars" I mean episodes IV, V, and VI... otherwise known as the original trilogy.  Not that silly nonsense that came after it but took place before it and I can't think to much about it or my head will hurt. 

Now when I was a kid I watched one of those three films on TV every day. Obviously I wasn't getting much parental supervision or maybe my mom approved, I can't remember.  But I had made audio tapes of those movies and would often listen to them at night on my walkman while I was going to sleep. #weirdo

I was very excited when Haven became Star Wars obsessed at the ripe old age of 3.  Now 7 years later his obsession has only intensified. Except when he thinks Star Wars, he thinks of episode I, II, and II and those silly cartoon Clone Wars movies & show. *horrified* 

I've tried convincing him the original ones are better. He won't agree. So I have to try other ways of encouraging the old ones. Yesterday was a lazy, rainy Sunday. A perfect day for watching movies. Now we severely limit his Star Wars movie watching privileges because he's obsessed enough as it is. So usually when I tell him to pick a movie, he knows he can't pick from Star Wars. Well yesterday I was feeling generous, so I said: "Hey Haven. You can pick a Star Wars movie to watch if it's episode IV, V, or VI."  There was a slight disappointment that appeared on his face when he realized the limitations I was setting, but he was happy nonetheless. And I was happy to hear the soothing sounds of Luke, Leia and Han instead of Jar Jar Binks yelling, "Mesa gonna die!". Oh if only I could help Jar Jar accomplish that. But I digress...

Haven has a large collection of Star Wars toys. About a year ago he started getting into the Star Wars Legos.  He Recently realized that he has no interest in playing with any of those SW toys anymore. And no interest in playing with any of his old toys anymore. All he wants is Star Wars Lego sets and extra legos to build additional sets. He is really letting his imagination fly with those Legos.. 

So we took him to the Lego Store last week. They have a wall of clear buckets with different pieces, colors, types of legos in each bucket. You fill up a large cup with the ones you want, and you pay for the cup size worth of legos.  While we were there though... we all spotted the holy grail of the Lego builders... The Lego Death Star

There are a lot of sets Haven loves and wants, but this is the one he wants the most. He stares at it in catalogs.  He can tell you all the guys it comes with, all the rooms inside it and special features by heart.  He knows this thing inside and out. It is his dream to own it.  He looked at it  with longing and there's a part of Marshall and I who want to get it for him.  It's just the $400 price tag that's holding us back. Yes you heard me FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS.  It is really cool. Don't believe me, click here.

Marshall and I were thinking... oh the power we hold in our hand... the power to manipulate... So Marshall turns to Haven and has him walk back toward us. And I say, "Hey Haven... if you agree to never watch episode I, II, or III again for the rest of your life, we'll get you that Death Star" Shock & surprise crossed his face as he weighed his options and he ultimately decided to turn down our offer. (smart boy)  

Sigh. I tried. I tried and I failed. The Force is strong with that one. 


  1. Oh my sweetness!

    I want the Lego death star. I want it. I want it!

    I agree, too ~ the original series is the best. We're slightly obsessed with all things Star Wars around here, too.

  2. If I agree to never watch episode I, II, or III again for the rest of my life, would you get me the Lego Death Star???

    LOL! Seriously I hate episodes I, II and III and I never watch. And I actually want the Lego Eiffel Tower.

  3. I agree with you, Julie. I much rather watch IV, V, and VI than I, II, and III. Zach is huge into Star Wars and also likes legos...He gets I am sure the same look of awe and wonder from that Death Star set.

  4. 400 bucks luck with that mama and papa....if you are anything like me...he will have it soon...I was always more excited than the kids when i saw something that amazing..i just wanted them to have it

  5. There is a recent interview with George Lucas on the Daily Show with John Stewart and George talks about this very generation gap-you should look it up on and watch it.

  6. JellyBeanRainbow said...

    I lov the original Star Wars but I also like to watch I II and III.
    I would decline the Death Star as well. And I still dream 7, 8 and 9 will be made.