Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Somebunny's The Boss

We are loving our bunny Anya. Her personality is very different than Lucian's was. While Lucian became friendlier once he bonded with us, Anya was friendly at the beginning. I've never seen a bunny as friendly as this one. 

She comes when we call her, lays down when we pet her... well, see for yourself:  

But as sweet as she is, she's not a pushover. In fact, she's perfectly capable of handling the 5 cats she shares a house with.  Bunny vs. Cats...  

If she can boss around the cats at 10 weeks of age, just wait until she's full grown and 18 pounds.


  1. Too funny!!!! What a hoot!

  2. She seems like the perfect match for your family, Julie :)

  3. So cute. Those cats are definitely in for it when she gets bigger, lol.

  4. OMG i forgot sh eis only 10 weeks old....i cant wait til she is full grown