Thursday, January 21, 2010

I'm All Ears

This entire post is dedicated to MJ's Doghouse since she's such a faithful reader and commenter. (you hear me lurkers... maybe I'd dedicate a post to you if you commented more)

Yesterday MJ (who is not really "MJ") left this comment:

To answer your question MJ (who is not really "MJ"), no... not all bunnies have such big ears. Ear size in rabbits vary widely among the different breeds.

You've got itty bitty rabbit ears on small breeds like the Lionhead.

and the Netherland Dwarf

Middle size ears on middle size rabbits like the Mini Rex...

Then you have your lop eared rabbits, where their ears hang down. Smaller ears like the Holland Lop...

And longer ears on the larger sized English Lop.

And then really really big (technical term) ears on giant size bunnies like the Flemish Giants.

But I think the Angora Rabbit gets a honorable mention. Mostly because I can't really see their ears well enough to decide what size category they go in. And because they look really fun.

When trimmed, they look like this...

But untrimmed, and in their full glory, they look like this...

I can already hear the nay-sayers saying these are not real rabbits. Well they are real. Don't believe me? Here's a video of one...

Now, MJ (who's not really "MJ") are you sorry you asked?



    the Lionhead and Netherland Dwarf are too cute get meh one please!

  2. My hair is naturally curly. I look like the angora rabbit when I get out of bed in the morning. LOL or NOT

    Can you really house train a bunny? All this talk about bunnies makes dh and I want one.

  3. Well I just gathered my 6 kids around my pc for a homeschool lesson on bunnies. These are so cute and I wish we had the room to get a rabbit now.

  4. Thanks for the bunny lesson, learn something new every day :)

  5. I want a rabbit now. These are so adorable. I'd take any one! Thanks for sharing, Julie.

  6. I thought this was great-I actually was wondering the same things!!! :)

  7. MJ who is not really MJ and really is Pammy..MJs pinkie...(some dorky term for human) really enjoyed that post...I so want a bunny now...i love the big loppy ear one...or the giant flemish or the angora...oh forget it..i want one of each...and Julie...I am friends with your cousins nikki renee and brian them to death...and we appreciate being the sole reason for that post...thanks...and questions answered....

  8. JellyBeanRainbow said...

    I love bunniess. They are the sweetest animals. I wish... one day.... I can have one again.