Thursday, December 17, 2009

MY Princess And The Frog

I took Marlie to see The Princess And The Frog on Tuesday. Just the two of us. She was beside herself with excitement to finally see it. Afterward I took her to lunch and then the Disney store where I bought her a Princess Tiana dress. (it will also be her birthday dress for upcoming photoshoot with daddy)

My review of the movie: I loved it. Marlie loved it. I thought it was more gender neutral than the other Disney Princess movies. I can't wait to see it again. However, there is a lot of voodoo in the movie, most of it pretty dark. If your child is easily scared, they may have trouble with it. Marlie was absolutely fine with it, but there was a young child that started crying hysterically in the theater at one of those parts. Depends on the kid. My 5 year old son will love it. Ironically, my almost 10 year old son will probably get freaked out at the voodoo, though I know he wants to see it too.

Marlie's review: (sidenote: Tiana is best friends with a blond haired caucasian girl)
"Mama, my favorite girl wasn't the one with the cheese color hair. My favorite girl was the chocolate girl, Princess Tiana." (yes she does describe all colors by the matching food)

"Mama, almost everyone in the movie was chocolate. They were chocolate like me. Princess Tiana is chocolate like me."

"Mama, that wasn't very nice what happened to the bad guy." (sidenote: not really a spoiler b/c you know in a Disney movie the bad guy never wins) (and I was impressed with her empathy)

Note to self: When sitting at the dinner table as a family, if you ask a 3 year old how the movie was, do not be surprised when she tells her brothers all the spoilers to the movie.


  1. I need to go see this. Marlie definitely gives "chocolate" Princess Tiana a run for her money! She is gorgeous, and she inspires me to draw again when I don't want to. Plus her comparisons make me giggle, and I always need one.

  2. It's awesome that the heroine is chocolate. LOL. I have a good friend with an african daughter and she is looking forward to taking her daughter too.

    she said where her daughter comes from there IS voodoo. and she thinks it iwll be great for her daughter to see other religions portrayed...give them something to talk about.

  3. Cheese colored hair! I love it!

  4. I just LURVE her perspective :)

  5. Didn't she refer to herself and her brothers as a peanut butter cup? truly well adjusted kidlets; makes me have some hope for the rest of the world.