Monday, December 7, 2009

Come with me to Yosemite

Well how about the next best thing? For one of the drives down into Yosemite Valley, Marshall rigged his video camera to the tripod, sticking out the sunroof. That's where his assistant (me) came in. I held on to the tripod to make sure the footage was oh so smooth. Then Marshall edited it with his mad editing skills. Come on. You've got to watch this just once.

Afterwards, hop on over to Marshall's blog and tell him what you thought of it. He needs the encouragement if he's going to keep on producing masterpieces like this.


  1. I kinda missed the sounds of kids fighting and whining every five minutes, "How much longer?" And you were on the wrong side of the road! Very nerve wracking, I was expecting a head on collision any second...

    YOU are a wonderful tripod holder, J. and you know I adore Marshall's mad artisic skillz. I will certainly go fawn over him-- I mean congratulate him.

  2. Great movie, Marshall! And you are a very talented tripod holder.

  3. That was very cool. It brought back memories of childhood camping trips with my family. Did anyone else get motion sickness?