Thursday, November 12, 2009

Wait, there's more?!

Are you tired of the Yosemite pics yet? If you aren't, you're in luck. If you are, too bad. It's my blog. And I have some more pics to show. This time they're all of my family.

The above were all done with my iPhone again. And Marshall managed to take some awesome pics of the kids (which we're using for our Xmas card so you can't see it right now) *sticking out tongue*

But while we were on the open air tram, Marshall was taking pics of the kids. Marlie asked him to take a pic of himself, so he whipped the camera around to face him and snapped a pic. It ended up being my favorite pic of him to date.

I love that man!!!


  1. I love that pic of Marshall! Very cool. And your kids are just so darn cute. Beautiful family you have there. :)

  2. They are all very good photos...but i gotta agree with you....marshall takes a mighty fine picture

  3. How sweet. If he does that well on the quick snap, I can't wait to see the christmas photos!

    AAAAAAgh, dang you for getting me into another world-- Mortal Instruments. Just finished and waiting for book four of the Trilogy (along with the first of the prequels) now.

    Question for you...
    pg 478ish of the City of Glass, WHO is Magnus talking to with the "white dress with a cloud of pale brown hair"???! Should I know this?
    Are you even awake yet?