Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wacky Wednesday

Did you guys really think we'd go to Yosemite without bringing Cardboard Buffy? Did you think I'd be too embarrassed to carry her around with us and take pictures of her? Psshaw!

BUT... Buffy wasn't the only one to tag along with us... Oh yes! Pocket Edward made an appearance when we were driving the mountain roads in Yosemite.

Watch out, Bambi!!!!!

But then... someone new showed up! Pocket Ahnold. And he didn't want Edward to eat the deer.

And Pocket Ahnold intervened and saved the adorable tick-covered deer.

And you thought Yosemite was just about mountains and trees!


  1. *cracking up* But wait, is Edward wearing red shoes???

  2. Oh my gosh ~ he IS wearing red shoes!

  3. *dies laughing* So glad the Governator saved Edward!!!

  4. I really don't approve of Edward's shoe choice. Not what I see in my mind while reading the books for the gazillionth time awaiting November 20th. Where are you November 20th? I don't know if I can hold out another 15 days!!