Monday, November 23, 2009

Day With The Danish

Oh so remember how last Wednesday I told you I was going to explain where we went the next day? Yeah, apparently that didn't happen. That's because on Thursday two friends flew in from out of town, hooked up with myself and 3 local friends. We stayed in a hotel together in Hollywood. More on that tomorrow. Probably. Maybe.

Anyway, last week we went to Solvang. It's a settlement of Danish people who have tried to maintain their culture through the style of the buildings in the town, the food offered at restaurants, and Danish made items in lots of shops. It has become a huge tourist trap. Kind of like the Epcot version of Denmark on a larger scale, minus the cheesy happiness.

Some of my favorite pics from our time there:

(I realize one of my children is grossly overrepresented in the pictures. That's because out of the three of them, she's the only one that loves the camera. And obviously the camera loves her)

Ok so in this pic, I asked Seamus to give me a "Cowboy" face. But I think he misunderstood and thought I was asking for a "Jasper" face. Someone get this boy some Metamucil!

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