Monday, September 28, 2009

Don't Sing and Drive

The other day I was driving on the freeway, with 3 kids in tow, while listening to the radio at a decent volume level. A song that I really liked came on the radio and I started singing loudly. ("Save A Prayer" by Duran Duran if you MUST know and yes I'm stuck in the 80's when it comes to music)

While I was singing, all of the sudden it felt like a bunch of tiny rocks were in my mouth. I spit one out, glancing at it and it was white. Still wasn't sure what it was. But my tooth was feeling kind of weird. As soon as I pulled off the freeway, I stopped and checked my teeth in the rearview mirror. This is what I saw.


My tooth! Just broke off! While I was SINGING IN THE CAR. What the heck? I mean, if my tooth was going to break off, why couldn't I have been eating something like a jawbreaker to make it worth it? But singing?

I called my dentist who fit me in the very next day to assess the damage. He said that something had cracked my tooth prior to the driving/singing episode. Maybe it was a jawbreaker after all. (kidding Dr. Kaufman, I don't eat jawbreakers. Anymore. Lately.)

You'll notice that my bottom teeth are crooked. Hasn't bothered me too much. When I got my braces off and had to sleep with those awful retainers at night, I asked my mom how long I had to wear them to keep my teeth straight. Her answer? "Forever". So that's when I decided that crooked teeth weren't so bad afterall. Lots of perfectly nice people have crooked teeth! It adds character. Individuality.

Now my dentist... he is a perfectionist to the 100th degree. That isn't always a good thing, but when it comes to someone working on your teeth, this is what you WANT. You want a dentist who seeks perfection when it comes to things like rebuilding your tooth.

But he didn't just rebuild my one tooth. Oh no! He decided to shave down and reshape three other teeth on either side of my broken tooth, to improve the overall view of the teeth together. Plus as my old teeth were straight up and straight across, so he gave me slight rounded edges which is supposed to look more feminine. (no one had informed me that I had boy teeth! Sure glad that's all been sorted out now)

Oh, so you want to see the finished result?

Again, here is the "Before" with the chipped tooth.


And HERE is the after!


My dentist made the entire bottom row of teeth look better than they had before my tooth chipped! If you're in the L.A. area and you don't have a dentist, email me and I'll give you his info. I'm telling you. *whispers* perfectionist.

Thank you Dr. Kaufman for saving me from years of ridicule, for giving me an even prettier smile than I had before, and most importantly...

Thank you for giving me the ability say my S's again without a lisp.

I can't wait to get back on the freeway and sing again!


  1. my what beautiful teeth you have!

    and if i am ever in the LA area, singing in my car, and chip my tooth, I know who to call. thx :)

    oh and i once chipped my tooth while pumping gas. ask me and i'll tell you about it. its embarrassing. :)

  2. I guess I have boy teeth-who knew!?
    Yikes-if this isn't a lesson in Don't Sing and Drive-I don't know what is!!

  3. They look great now! Who knew singing could be dangerous?! ;)

  4. I would say only you could pull off something so crazy. But you are not. I would be lying. I too could do this. I once brok e my ankle at my cousins funeral. JUST GETTING OUT OF THE CAR! My sster paked us on a 4 ft cliff and I missed the stupid 6 inch ledge. Anyway. . . It can happen. I am like a Murphey's law magnet. lol But thanks for sharing one I HAVE NOT done. Yet. I always sing loudly in the car. so now I will be afraid. ;-) always wondering. . . . when??

  5. I did this too my front teeth eating a cookie SOAKED IN MILK. It was weird, needless to say most of my front tooth is artificial now.

  6. NO! No more singing in the car!
    You'll ruin that feminine smile.

  7. your teeth look great...i cringe at the idea of sitting in a dentist chair for two minutes....never mind how ever long you had to sit there...i hope you got a toy ...

  8. Looks terrific! Who knew singing Duran Duran was so bad for your teeth?

  9. Oh please, oh please. I will move to LA just for him!

    Sorry, I would've said more but I was giggling hysterically at Jenni J's comment.