Monday, September 14, 2009

A Brand New Day

I had a hard week last week with the death of my giant bunny Hagrid. The operator I talked to when I requested the dead animal pickup (it's illegal to bury animals in our backyards here) informed me that it was indeed the fires that was causing coyotes, mountain lions and even bears to come out of the hills and into the residential areas. He said they were warning people in our area to bring our pets in at night. Unfortunately I did not get word of us until the day after Hagrid was killed. I think I took it harder because of how violent his end was. And I really did love him. Marshall was a little surprised at how hard it hit me. My mood for a few days was low. Really low. Obviously I didn't blog the rest of the week. I wasn't in a Wacky mood on Wednesday, a blogging mood on Thursday or a Funny mood on Friday. I just couldn't seem to shake the sadness from me.

I had always told Marshall that if we ever got another giant bunny, I wanted to start with a baby so we could really bond together. And I know the last thing in the world Marshall wants is another pet, but he told me last week that we should get a baby Flemish Giant bunny.

That man loves me. He really does.

There's only one Flemish Giant breeder that I know of in the L.A. area, and that is the breeder we got Hagrid from. I went to her website and saw that she had decided to retire from breeding rabbits. She was selling off all her rabbits as pets and had one baby bunny left.

I emailed her to tell her what happened to Hagrid. I was crazy with anxiety, waiting for her to respond to see if that one baby bunny was still available. I got an email from her the next day telling me how sorry she was for Hagrid's loss. She said she had been sick a few days and had a number of emails to get through, to see if that last baby bunny was available. She didn't want to promise him to two people. So I waited another day.

The following day she emailed me to tell me the baby bunny was mine. I can't even tell you what that did for my mood. Marshall was surprised at the turn around as well. Some people need to grieve the loss of a pet before they can heal enough to get a new pet. I've always needed a new pet right away, to help me heal from the loss of a pet.

Anyway, here he is:


He's 7 weeks old and we'll pick him up on Saturday.

We had trouble agreeing on what his name should be. Lucian or Wolverine. So we did what any normal family would do, and we let our snake decide on the name. Yes. yes we did. We figured we'd write each name on the back of a mouse and see which one the snake chose first, and THAT would be the name of our new bunny. Cause we're kind of demented like that. Ok not "we", just ME.

So if you want to know the new baby bunny's name, watch the video. If you can't stand the site of snakes, DON'T WATCH. If you don't watch, no worries. You'll just have to get used to disappointment.


  1. So TOTALLY impressed with your..uhh...creativeness :)

  2. so glad she saved the bunny for you...didn't watch the video because the boys are sitting next to me and not sure if they should see the snake...

  3. I think Nagini made a good choice. Lucian is a very pretty bunny and is lucky to be adopted by such a loving family. I'm sure he will bring you lots of bunny love.

  4. I gotta tell you this, totally unrelated to your post, but I know that you can least I hope.

    So I FINALLY read Twilight...first 3 books. Took me one day to read the last one. I couldnt put them down.

    So I sit here and cannot stop thinking about the 4th book. I'm obssessed. And I dont have it. ACK!!!

    I'm dreaming, eating, sitting, reading, thinking about Bella.

    Will this ever stop?

  5. my two least favorite things...ever...snakes and mice...(and rats) this video was creative...i am happy you will have a new bunny soon...i am with you...i dont want to wait ...i want my new pet NOW...i hope you have a fabulous week....

  6. Ok, so call me twisted but ummm I wanted to see the rest of the ingestion. It doesn't seem possible that such a little snake could eat such a (relatively) large mouse. Then again, I was mildly sad that the mouse came frozen. Wrong, I know.

    And umm "it could be a hairy situation?" I have a feeling that was pun-intended?

  7. OK. So I was able to watch just until she selected. That was only because I was curious as to the name. Could not watch the rest. Then reading the comments, I saw that I did not have to watch it as someone actually gave them name. Lame, as Nikki would say! Glad you will get a new bunny. Good luck!

  8. Please do not make the bunny live outside. You do not have good luck bunny karma.

  9. ON the other hand, I think you should do what YOU feel is best for Lucien. "Bunny luck" a is non existent concept. Trish T

  10. I'm so sorry you lost your beloved bunny. Your new little (soon to be big) bunny is beautiful.

  11. You are a sick and twisty gal making me sit through that...
    (this is where you respond that something is wrong with me because no one was holding me down making me watch)

    Congrats on the new (don't dare say he/she on your blog-- remember the crazy mix up with Alice and Jasper?) is beautiful.

  12. Aw, he's so cute! I hope he's with you for a LONG time! :)

  13. I'm SO sorry about Hagrid. I can't imagine how horrible that must have been:( I am happy that you were able to get a new bunny and can't wait to see him. I found a breeder fairly close to us, but we just were ready yet. We do have coyotes in the woods behind our house, so I need to make sure we have a good place first.

    I can't wait for pics of the new one!

  14. I'm pretty OK with seeing the snake, but the thought of writing those names on the dead rodents with a sharpee has pretty much just taken away my appetite - probably for the rest of the week - eewww!!