Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wacky Wednesday #61


THIS is a picture of my (now deceased) Grandfather, holding my Mom. Crazy, I know. I sure wouldn't let Marshall try this with one of our kids. Probably. Maybe. Well, possibly if they were also holding a big squishy bear to break their fall.

Anywho, I got to thinking about my family history. I asked my sister if she had any info on our family history and that set her on a quest to find out. She contacted my dad, who contacted his father, to find that my paternal grandfather and his sister had traced our heritage back to 1385! Crazy, I know. She then got some information from my mom's side of the family. Turns out both sides of the family hopped back and forth across the border of Switzerland and Germany (which weren't named Germany and Switzerland at the time). And the names! I have the name of the ancestors who arrived in America in the 1700's, the name of the ancestor who fought in the Revolution, and the one who fought in the Civil War. (on the winning side, of course) Of course all of the names sound very German, with the exception of two names.

And with all of this amazing data, my sister is in the process of inputing all the names into a software that she can share with all the family members. It even includes pictures, for the ones we have pictures of. Which reminds me, she also scanned a bunch of family photos for me, including a few photos that date back to the 1800's.

So what does all of this newfound information tell me? Basically, I'm a purebred. Or an inbred, depending how you look at it.

Yeah, an inbred.


  1. Posts two days in a row?! Yea! ;D

    I don't know squat about my family history - I think we're all mutts or something. Nothing exciting.

  2. wow thats really col! Im in the process of tracing my family history too. Though I'm not too happy about what I've found... apparently, our family name means gill pickers, cuz we used to pick the gill's off of fish.......

  3. Let Marshall try his balancing skills-- My hubby does what's called "the booty stand" with all of our kids (two at once is the real thrill) and look how well they all turned out. yeah, second thought maybe you're right.
    Family history can be really addicting! My husband was always on the computer researching his German ancestors and out of spite, I got on the computer to show him how fun it has NOT been looking at his back. Next thing I know, I had found over 600 names in my lineage :-)
    Maybe this is why you cut down on posting... commenters that write their own posts :-(

  4. I love this picture! So many photo's from that era are of these serious expressions and not much action. Thank you for sharing.

    And that's totally cool that you have so much history on your family.

  5. Very cool! I love the photo and your explainer. Thanks for sharing.