Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Still Alive


*Taps microphone* Hey, is this thing on?

Pssst... did you miss me? Thank you to everyone who sent me messages, texts, tweets, calls, facebook wall comments, telegrams, candygrams, and smoke signals, asking about me and telling me you missed my posts. It meant a lot.

The truth? I've been feeling a bit depressed. A little uninspired. A little busy. A little lazy. Not much really has happened in the last 3 weeks. In fact I can probably tell you everything that happened in just one sentence.


*takes deep breath*

Well you remember how Marshall was laid off in March and how we had a promise of some weeks of work, but then almost all the projects lined up fell through, so we've been living on no income for most of that time and used up all our resources and finally had to dip into our home equity line of credit to pay the mortgage, except the day after I borrowed the minimum necessary out of the line of credit, I get a call from the bank telling me they are closing our line of credit due to the drop in property values and suddenly I'm wishing I had taken the whole amount and dumped it into our account, but you live and learn, and Marshall's parents are now helping us out which is such a blessing and also Marshall has 6 days of work that started on Monday and we've never been so happy about 6 days of work in our lives, so you can understand how life has been a little stressful and depressing, , plus I've been extremely busy co-authoring a secret blog with some friends and please don't ask me what blog because I just said it's a secret and I'll have to kill you all, which is hard because most of you are lurkers and I have no idea where you live, so that's weird, but enough about that since there is some interesting stuff has also happened in our lives when one of our sons informed us that he just proposed to his "girlfriend" during their play date and she said yes, except I don't yet have the permission of both parties to tell their story or show the picture (hence the censorship above) so you will just have to make up your own story in your head about what happened between them, and while we were quite surprised at this recent turn of events, we love the girl and the parents and are mostly grateful that we don't have to pay for the wedding but now our other son says he wants to marry the other sister, so I'm thinking they could probably save money if they had a double wedding, which reminds, me, I asked you guys to vote on whether to keep or drop Wacky Wednesday, Funny Friday or both, and the voting is over so the results are that 7 of you voted to drop either WW or FF or both, so I'm thinking the solution is for the 7 of you to probably not visit my blog on those days, because the days that I am blogging that happen to fall on a Wednesday or Friday will have those themes because the vast majority of you voted to keep them, and speaking of "keep them" we will only get to keep the bun-buns another 2 and 1/2 weeks before they are ready to go home to their new families which will be sad for us because we've really enjoyed them though I have realized that a playdate between five indoor kitties and two baby bunnies was probably not the best idea I ever had but there was no permanent damage, which reminds me that when I leave bunnies running around the family room, I should probably make sure my tasty laptop cord is not within reach of teeny tiny bunny teeth.

*big breath*

See? Nothing much happened the last three weeks that would take up more than one sentence.


  1. Gosh! I've missed you! :D

    I am so, so sorry about the financial/job situation y'all are in - I know it will feel good to Marshall to have some work (even for 6 days).


  2. Glad for the update; sorry to hear about your troubles. "And this too shall pass".

    The credit crunch is hurting a lot of people. We recently had our own mishap due to a lender misreporting information for one month, then took 3 months of hounding to correct it. By now, the damage has been done.

    Dave Ramsey's ideology regarding credit is looking very, very, very appealing to me. Creditors aren't loyal to their good customers anymore. I just want to get rid of of them all.

  3. I have missed you! And I am quite in love with your single sentence. Kinda goes along with my penchant to make sentences that are rather incomplete. We provide a balance for the blog universe :-)

    And the money stuff. Ugh. And Ugh again...

  4. You rock. Just sayin'. And I'm feeling ya on the unemployment woes because Hubby hasn't had a job since January. He was just supposed to take a few months off to focus on school and was going to get a part-time job, but no dice. The job ads in the local paper have only been like three pages long for the past three months and they are normally, like 10-15. Where's all these jobs our president promised? Sorry, I won't get into politics. Just wondering.

    So, the semester is about to start and we will be getting student loan money but it won't come until September. I've never been so happy to go into debt!

  5. I love it when you write. Then the world gets to see what I see every day. A beautiful, funny, caring woman. I love you.

  6. I thought maybe it was me....
    Good to know it's not.
    Hang in there.

  7. Glad to see you back.

    And my birthday is the 20th of November. ring a bell?

  8. You are aware that with your traffic on said secret blog you could make money, right? Start simple with google adwords... I would explain to the readers, etc. that you need to do it for your family

    Email me.. I will help you :)

  9. You have a secret blog?

  10. wowsers. welcome back.
    and i want an invite to that double wedding, please.
    and WTF with the secret blog?!?!

  11. Good to see your back!
    Congrats on the "proposal"
    and Im très intéressé in that secret blog your working on....hehehehe

  12. Julie, you are simply THE best!! (((hugs)))

  13. Julie,
    Keep your head held high and stay strong!! This shall surely pass. You will be stronger for it too. You are an inspiration to many and I know of a many daythat I've been down only to read your blog and haver my spirits lifted. Just know that we are praying for you andthinking of you and your beautiful family. Hugs,

  14. Yay, you're back. It's really been three weeks? I'm a bad blogger these days too. I'm so sorry to hear about things with your husband, that's so tough. Prayers are going your way!

    Stay strong Julie w/the purple house, stay strong!


  15. julie, i know marshall is a movie guy and i'm a tv gal (and those folks usually think our media is beneath theirs on the totem pole - btw, there's a solid argument), but feel free to e-mail me his CV - i can send it around to a bunch of my tv friends, you never know!

  16. do you notice that when you said it was once sentence...i read the whole thing without breathing..what the heck is wrong with me...am i the only dork out here...I am sooooooooooo glad you are back...i really hope hubby gets more work soon..maybe he could do some modelling...or sell some of his photography....

  17. WOW! That's about the longest sentence I ever did read! Good on ya! You know we love you all and that you are in our prayers. BTW, did Marshall talk to the neighbors about the delinquent felines? I hope so. Yemen deserves so much better, the sweetie! Keep smiling!

  18. Oh, this is the most hilarious and exhausting way to update us on your life! Yay for those 6 days of work!

  19. Just happened to catch Marshall's comment - such a sweetheart. I'm guessing he can't take the funk right out of you in a heartbeat :). While you may not have a steady income, you guys have a kick butt family!

    Best to you all and hopefully 6 days, become 30 and before too long a steady job! Hugs :)

  20. Hey, you! I've missed you too.

    What a sweet comment from Marshall.

  21. Ack! It posted and wasn't suppose to. (((Hugs))) we went through the same thing 4 years ago. My hubby lost his job and we had no income for a long time. So many feelings. I hope your turn in the road is soon.