Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Home Alone


Yesterday Haven asked (again) if he could stay home alone. He's been asking for a couple of years now, and the answer has always been "no". Well, he's a very mature 9 and 1/2 year old and for some reason yesterday I said yes. I decided to leave him home with Marlie and Seamus while I ran to pick up lunch for everyone. 15-20 minutes tops.

I informed Seamus and Marlie that Haven would be in charge while I was gone. They agreed. Haven practiced calling me on my cellphone before I left. He was a little nervous, but excited about the responsibility. He asked me to turn on the house alarm when I left, which I did.

While I was in line at In-N-Out Burger (which by the way is the BEST burger place in town thankyouverymuch), I got a call on my cellphone from Haven. He told me he accidentally tripped the house alarm. Though it took a few tries before I understood him because the house alarm was so loud. I told him to find one of the keypads and I walked him through the process of turning it off. This took several tries, as again, the alarm was so loud he had trouble hearing me. But he succeeded! Apparently he had wanted to take some trash out and thought I had bypassed the front door alarm.

Poor guy... first time he is left alone and the alarm goes off. I returned home (with those yummy burgers) to find a clean family room. He had made up a "Let's clean up for Mama" song, and together the three of them put all the toys away. He then informed me that he made everyone's bed, including mine, while I was out. All the surprise clean-up explains why he wanted to take some trash out. (though I made it clear that I will not be bypassing the front door when he's home alone)

He was so worried that he messed up his first time home alone. But I told him over and over how proud I was of him, and how he did a fantastic job. Sure he accidentally tripped the alarm, but he had the presence of mind to call me and was able to handle the situation calmly. By the end of the day, he was pretty proud of himself as well.

Marlie and Seamus did a fantastic job following Haven's instructions. Apparently the three of them played games together, danced and sung songs after the clean-up was done.

My biggest boy is growing up. But most importantly....

I need to leave the house on my own more often!


  1. Great job, Haven. Way to go!

    Julie, a big pat on the back for you! (It's not easy watching our "babies" grow up.)

    I think you guys should have ice cream today to celebrate even more. :)

  2. Your post almost made me cry. My daughter has been begging me all summer to leave her home alone since she practically hates the summer camp she and her brother have been going to. She is 12 and very mature as well, but I can't bring myself to do it yet. I don't know what it is about leaving her alone that just makes me so nervous. Maybe is the neighborhood and the fact that a co-worker emailed me a link where all the sex offenders in my neighborhood live *shudders*

    Anyways, I am so glad your big boy handled his first time home alone so maturely. He definitely sounds like he's such a smart young man, and such a good son. Hellloooo, cleaning up for Mama and making all the beds!? My goodness!

  3. What a sweet smart responsible young man you have.

  4. I can feel the pride in this post! I've always admired Haven through the sweet things you say about him.

  5. yay! HAVEN!! And um, seriously, YAY JULIE!! woohooo!! I am doing this too. My oldest is 12 so I don't leave him with them ALL lol. but, I am really excited about the beginning of a new era. . .

  6. So, do you hire him out?!


  7. Yeah, um, can they come clean my house? I live in a very safe neighborhood in a rural area and he is welcome to make my bed and straighten up the living room. LOL.

  8. Tell Haven that Auntie Lori is proud and loves him to bits too!!

  9. That is awesome! I have been wondering if Douglas is old enough to be left alone for a short time...he is 9, too!

    I hear good things about In and Out Burgers...we don't have them here! Booo!

  10. That is so precious. You should be SO proud. WOW.

    I have an almost 12 year old that we still can't trust to leave home alone...she's only stayed once and she was nervous the whole time...and no way would she have thought to do anything to clean up the house.

    You are doing a great job!!

  11. I started letting Jesse stay home alone for an hour at a time when he was Haven's age. But know, that wherever I was in town I could be back here in 5 minutes. I'm not sure I could have done it where you live. This year, Caleb has started staying home with him, too. And last school year, I let him babysit Jonah if he was done with his school work. For us, it only works if Jesse isn't actually in charge of anyone but the youngest.

  12. Way to go, Haven! I know you were proud of him, Julie. I'm glad that Seamus and Marlie cooperated. I haven't left Felicity at home alone with Chase and Nick, but when I need to get something important done (like go to the bathroom!), I always tell her she is in charge of the other two.

    By the way, I'll back Julie up on her In-N-Out claim. They are the best burgers out there -- and they use vegetable oil for their fries, so no yucky trans fats!