Monday, August 24, 2009

Escape Artists

So perhaps a wooden cage is not the best idea for rabbits. I took this video a few days ago. The day before, there was no hole. Guess they had a busy night.

Yep, one day later they were running free in the backyard again. After I took this video, I asked Marshall about finding a way to fix the door/block the hole. But Marshall thought if they were trying that hard to get out, they deserve to run free. And I quote, "You gotta applaud the effort, beady eyes and all."


  1. "If you love something, set it free..." teeheee. :) I love marshall's quote!

  2. They are looking a little guilty in that video....

  3. are those the baby bun buns...wholy crap they grew fast....and i am not sure if you want them to be may end up with several more...

  4. 1/2 rabbit, 1/2 beaver!
    They're Reavers!