Tuesday, July 14, 2009

You Say Mankiller, I Say Pet


We recently got another letter from Marlie's sisters and uncle in Ethiopia. Last care package we sent them included a picture of our house (since we painted it purple) and mention of all our latest pets, including our 3 snakes.

Well, they LOVED our purple house! In fact, the uncle says, "We are very surprised by your house. It is very fantastic and very beautiful. Your home, it seems like a princess house. We like it very much."

They mentioned that they have one cat, many hens and one cow. (in response to our pets) But the uncle apparently had something to say about our snakes. "We don't have snakes because we are very afraid of them. In Ethiopian culture we hate snakes because they bite and kill people."

Oh snap! So... I'm guessing a picture of Marlie holding one of our snakes wouldn't go over so well with them.

At least we don't have a pet hyena.


  1. I gotta tell ya, that is so awesome that you do that!

  2. I've got a Ethiopian guy getting ready to move in with me for a few months while he plants a church in my area. He's a little nervous about the snakes and lizards. Should be interesting to see how it goes.

  3. LOL! Good call on the snake pic!!

    I think it is so great you get to keep in touch with her family in Ethiopia!

  4. We have friends that are from Nigeria, and my parents' house has tons of trees. They kept inching their chairs from under the trees and looking at the suspiciously. I asked them what was wrong... and they said they were looking for snakes in the trees! I assured them in PA snakes don't live in trees, and he felt better.

  5. It's because snakes are ICKY! Dude. **shudders** Just stop mentioning the snakes and stick to the bunnies. WHICH THE SNAKES WOULD EAT. Because SNAKES ARE ICKY. ;)

  6. Yeah, I'm kinda with them on the snake thing.

    No how, no way. Not in my house.

    Snakes are pests. I pay a guy to make sure they stay away from my house. :)

    I'd pay him triple if I had a pretty purple princess house. lol!

  7. YET. You don't have a pet hyena yet.

  8. That is so cool that you have the contact with her birth family. They are beautiful!!