Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wacky Wednesday #58


WHOA! Sorry guys. I should've warned you that this picture is NSFW. Check out my metal mouth. You like? And that beautiful lady on my back is my much, much, much older sister. Yeah, she definitely got the better genes. Or should I say jeans? As you can see, she was clearly the master at that little fold and roll technique.

Of course I was rockin' my stirrup pants and my Santa Barbara sweatshirt. (loved that soap opera) You like the tear at my knee? Yeah, I paid extra for that. *shaking head no*

So would you like to know why my lovely much, much, much older sister gets the very esteemed Wacky Wednesday feature?

Well then I hope you enjoy disappointment.

Ok, kidding. I'll tell you tomorrow.


  1. Look here, girlie! I brought you into this world... OK, so I didn't bring you into this world - but I did save your life once! You be nice to this older sister of yours! :-)

  2. That's awesome - Nothing better than jean pinning! And the acid wash look, I hope it comes back!

  3. Ahhhh, I remember those roll and folds. I was pretty good at that myself. And the stirrup pants -- thank GOD those haven't come back yet!

  4. I used to love those kind of pants:) Remember the Flash Dance sweatshirts? Or was that before your time and I'm just showing how dang old I am. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  5. Too funny! I love old allows us to say, "You could not PAY ME to be a teen again."

  6. You girls definitely knew fashion, didn't you?

  7. wow do you look alike!! I just taught that jean roll to my kid the other day... can't for the life of me remember why though.