Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sisterly Love


I'm gonna start this off with a Q&A.

How many of you have done your baby books for all your children?

*not raising my hand*

Ok, how many of you have done your baby books for some of your children?

*still not raising my hand*

Alright, how many of you have done a baby book for ONE of your children?

*still not raising my hand*

I know, right? And my oldest is 9 and 1/2. Oh I started with the best of intentions, but never made it past his 2nd month.

Here's where my sister comes in. My sister is doing the oldest profession in the world. WHAT?! I'm talking about being a teacher. Get your mind out of the gutter!

So my sister. Let's call her BethAnn. She hates when I combine her middle and first name like it's all one word, but it's my blog. BA has her summers off work. Her last week of school, she was telling me on the phone that she wanted to get a job this summer, just to keep her busy.

Me: "Why don't you catch up on all your family scrapbooking this summer?"

BA: "I'm already caught up on all my scrapbooking."

Me: "Then you can do MY scrapbooking this summer." (joking)

BA: (with a super excited voice) "CAN I????"

Me: "Can you?"

BA: "CAN I????"

Me: (getting more excited) "CAN YOU????"

Through that very dynamic conversation, my sister and I reached the mutual agreement that I would email her pictures of my kids, and she would scrapbook the first year of their lives. Plus a scrapbook of our favorite Ethiopia pictures. Plus a smaller scrapbook of our family to send to Marlie's relatives in Ethiopia. That's FIVE books. I can't believe how much I just lucked out, and she's so excited because she LOVES to scrapbook and is happy to have something to keep her busy this summer.

Of course when we made this little agreement, I didn't know it would entail getting daily phone calls for my sister, asking for MORE MORE MORE pictures because she's some sort of super-fast scrapbooking freak. Everytime she calls, it's like this...

BA: "Whatcha doin' right now?"

Me: *gets up and walks over to my computer* "Uh... um... going through iPhoto to select the next pictures I'm going to email you?"

BA: Yeah, right.

But GUYS! Never again do I have to feel guilty about not having made baby books for my kids! And BA swears that SHE is the one who lucked out. (cough, weirdo)

I mean, first she saves my life when I was 4, and then she scrapbooks all my books for me! We even have plans for her to do family books for me next summer where she can scrapbook pictures from ages 2 to current.

As good as this sounds, you would be even more excited for me if you have seen her amazing scrapbooks that she has created for herself and others. If you don't believe me, go visit her website Beth's Notes, where she sells handmade cards. Click Here if you want to read what I had to say about it. (And you should click the link and read it. Trust me it's worth it.)

Even though I like to remind BA that she is my much, much, much older sister, the truth is, that having her in my life, makes me the luckiest sister around.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to hurry up and email another batch of pictures to my sister, before she calls me. Again.


  1. Well, somebody has to keep you on task! Plus, you know you love my daily phone calls! ;-) Oh, and btw, there's a space between Beth and Ann...I mean, if you'd learn how to spell my friggin' name... oh, never mind!

  2. lol, that is awesome! Love the pictures of you two up top~

  3. holy smokes. You are so stinking LUCKY!! Your sister may need medication. lol j/k I wish I had a sister who would come to my rescue that way!!

  4. We all need such a sister, Julie. You totally lucked out. ;-)

    Now, if I had a sister ... a *perfect* sister ... she would scrapbook AND loves kids SO MUCH that she would beg me to let her have my boys for just one week each summer ...

  5. Oh ,this is so sweet. You have an older sister who didn't terrorize you. You are a lucky woman.

    Eveyone deserves an older sister so sweet and creative. I totally dig her too.

  6. LUCKY!!!Does she want to do mine, too?

  7. your sister SO sounds like my sister... i think i might ask her to raise my kids too....

  8. Just a word about Baby Books--I had great intentions. My first child's book was done fairly well until she was 3 1/2 and baby #2 came along. I was going to do a Baby Book for him too of course. When #2 turned 18 a few years ago the subject of Baby Books came up and he told someone, "Yea she did one for #1 but all mine says is 'He was born and he's still here.'" Tho that is not exactly the case, he's really not too far off. I'm sorry son.

  9. What an awesome sis. She should start a biz. I'd love to have some for my kids!

    And I LOVE her beautiful cards!

  10. Is it too late for me to be adopted into your family?

    Her cards are lovely.

    You're right, you are a pretty lucky sister, but something tells me she lucked out too :-)

  11. So ummmmmm is your sister available to hire? Mister Man was born in 2003, but we have no pictures in albums past 2000.

    And I decided that I'm making up stuff from the baby book because no one is going to know if it's true or not twenty years from now anyway. Sad, isn't it?

    And wow do you two look alike. I love it!

  12. Julie, do not read this comment.

    Dear BA or B A (based on your comment). I heart scrapbookers. Wanna scrap my kids, too?? My kids may not be your nephews, but they're plenty cute.

    Oh, ps - my hubby is a photog so there are approx 100k photos to go through.

    I wish I were kidding.