Friday, July 17, 2009

Feedback Friday

Hey guys... this is Feedback Friday. Cause I want to hear from YOU. Wacky Wednesdays and Funny Fridays are the days I get the fewest comments.

So... I'm asking you to weigh in with your opinions. Continue Wacky Wednesday or no? Continue Funny Friday or no? Drop them both? (I'm giving a little power to the people)

This is the time to speak or keep your opinions to yourselves for a very very long time.

I've created a poll on the left hand sidebar where you can vote anonymously. See? That way I can't shame and embarrass you guys publicly for voting a certain way.

You've got until next Friday to vote!

Oh, and for those of you who like Funny Fridays, this is for you... (but if you don't like Funny Fridays, please avert your eyes)


  1. To be honest, I didn't even realize you did these every week, though obv. I read every post you post. Looking back, I guess I mostly skim/skip through the Friday ones. Though I love all the pictures from the don't cut those!

  2. I have to confess that I've gotten really, really, really lazy. I come to your site everytime you post, but don't comment. :(

    I enjoy everything you post!

  3. How about Bun-Bun Monday? Can't get enough of that cuteness!!!!

  4. Hey Julie! Just wanted to let you know I linked to your blog today. :)

  5. Nevernevernever shut down Funny Fridays OR Wacky Wednesdays!

  6. have you seen this??? purple!

  7. i 5hink you should keep the blog the way it is....and i also think you should come back and blog...some of us wait every day for you....we have no life really hope everything is alright...

  8. ok, I'm gonna quit checking daily-- you let me know when you come out of hiding ;-)

    U ok?

  9. Dearest Julie,
    I miss your posts

    Love, Susan