Monday, June 8, 2009

Responding to Comments

You guys often make me laugh with your comments. Thankfully so far, none of you have made me cry. But every once in a while a person leaves a comment that truly touches me.


I usually try to email people back with my response to their comment instead of replying back on my blog.

Here is a comment I received yesterday on one of my posts:

I LOVE this blog.

I laughed and laughed at the cat videos (ninja cat and the fat cat with the small box). I almost cried when I read what that horrid lesbian- husband trawling- tramp said about you. I love your purple house. And most of all, I love the story of you and your three kids! These pics totally sum them up, I feel. Am I right, or am I right?

I'm going to post a link of your site to my girlfriends (esp those who love purple).

I feel quite sad that we don't have the possibility of adoption like this in Australia... I'm too 'old' to adopt from OS and most aren't allowed here.
Nevermind, I'll just 'adopt' your blog for a while!

cheerio, Louise (Sydney, Australia)

And sometimes some of the most touching comments belong to someone who doesn't have their email set on their blogger account, and has their profile set to private, leaving me no way to thank them. And that makes me very sad.


So Louise, I wanted to say thank you for your awesome comment on my blog. It truly made my day!

For those of you who are interested in setting your blogger profile so it displays your email address when you leave a comment, please follow my friend Darcy's instructions below...


Go Do this. Right Now.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

I'm putting on my bossy pants. So y'all better follow along. ;)

1. Open up a new window. That's Ctrl-N if you're on a PC, Command-N for us Mac girls. Go 'head, I'll wait.

2. Leave one window open to these instructions. Go to your blog on the other window.

3. Click on customize. Click on dashboard in the upper right corner.

4. On the left, next to where your profile picture is, click on Edit Profile.

5. Under Privacy, click "show my email." Under identity, make sure the public email address that you use is there.

6. Save profile.

So what did you just do? You made it so that when you leave a comment on my blog (or anyone's blog) I/they can reply to you. Did you ever notice how when some people comment on your blog you can reply to them, and to others you end up replying to No-Reply-Blogger address?

So, if you've ever wanted to know how to make your email address show on people's comment mail from Blogger, now ya' know.

No one can actually *see* your email address. it won't appear printed out on your blog for spammers to find you. What will happen is these two things:

1 - If you comment to someone, they can comment back from their inbox.

2 - If someone follows you to your profile, they can click "Email Me" and contact you that way.

You don't have to give out your personal address. Many people have a (somewhat) anonymous email address for this sort of thing.

Yer welcome very much.

I'm done bein' Miss Bossy Pants now.

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So please follow Darcy's advice if you haven't already. Otherwise I'll be forced to keep posting pictures of sad kitties, like this...





  1. Hi Julie

    It's Louise from Sydney, Australia here. Glad you liked my comment.

    I think you'll like my email addresses too, somehow. One is meouw@hotmail... and the other is ms.meouw@gmail.... Being a kittykat lover, it was important to jump in quickly and grab these addresses back in the early 90s.

    I don't really care who sees my email addresses: If I don't know the sender of an email, I just delete them. Problem solved!

    cheerio, Louise

  2. I have been meaning...ever since Darcy did that copy it onto my blog. And with my dearth of posts, you'd think I'd have found the time. But nope. Not yet.

  3. you know...even with the instructions right in front of my face...i still cannot do a freakin i even manage to do anything on this computer is beyond ...i will just keep reading your blog everyday....and continue enjoying it every day....if you have any good really funny ones...let me konw...thanks julie...pam

  4. I love seeing these posts because it makes me so sad when I can't contact someone who said something nice or funny!

  5. No way!!!!

    The timing of this is just insane.

    I did a NEW post on this today. Like brand spanking new. This time I used images. I made DIAGRAMS so people have no stinking excuse.

    So, no more sad kitties for you!

    Send your reader to the new post - now better with photos. Doesn't get any easier than that!

    I can't believe the irony of this. Amazing. Ironic.



  6. I love the instructions...and I love the idea of the diagrammed instructions even more :)

    No sad kitties. Even though they are kinda cute!