Monday, June 1, 2009

Hot Date With Pocket Edward!

You know what happened last night, right? The New Moon Trailer Was Released! I went on a hot date with Marshall! (hot meaning "no kids") First we went to the movies (Wolverine). As we were walking out of the theater, I saw this huge 3-D Harry Potter display and whipped out my Pocket Edward, asking Marshall to take a picture. A horrified look came over his face as he said sarcastically, "Wow, I must have won the luckiest guy in the world award. I am soooo incredibly lucky right now." But he took the picture! (bear with me... the lights were dimmed and he took it with my camera phone. Can you spot Pocket Edward?

Then he took me to dinner at a fancy shmancy steak place. If you think a high class restaurant would keep me from whipping out Pocket Edward for some pictures, you would be right WRONG. That's right. Who cares that we were in a fancy restaurant... the kind where they re-fold your napkin when you go to the restroom. Who cares that rich snooty people at other tables were looking down their noses at us and whispering to each other while we had Pocket Edward out. I can show very unflattering pictures my cat takes of me... clearly I have no shame.

Marshall better watch his bacon-wrapped filets. Looks like Edward's going in for the kill.

Come on, Edward. Don't you think you've had enough wine?

That's the snooty rich people who were looking down their noses and whispering to each other about Pocket Edward. Shhhh.....

And even though I wasn't home when the New Moon Trailer first went live, it didn't mean that we couldn't celebrate the trailer's release with Pocket Edward.

Yep, I've officially lost my mind. But you already knew that, didn't you? And just in case you missed the New Moon Trailer... here it is...



  1. I love you-- you did the trailer just for me, didn't you!

    Those people? You misunderstood the interchange they were having:

    Her: "You NEVER let me take my Pocket Edward out when we go to dinner."

    Him: "I have to put my foot down, the fact that he sleeps in my bed is already pushing it (as he glares over at Marshall for betraying the male gender)".

    Her: "Well SHE has hers at dinner AND HER husband lets her take photographs (as she sends a steely glance your way). I'm throwing your Pocket Buffy out of the car when we go home".

    They both look over at your table, each despising you for different reasons.

  2. Well HECK. Now I know what I'll be doing instead of working all day...

    P.S. There is never a location where pocket Edward isn't welcome.

  3. I am still sipping my coffee over here on the east coast...I am glad you had dinner and all. BUT thanks for the trailer. I have one word. (Remember brain function is still slow...sipping coffee)


  4. Pocket Edward's pics were really cute. But I think he ate to much. Glad you had a hot date night. We all need those.

  5. I'm so mad right now. I don't like Jake, I've never liked Jake. Sure, he was there when Bella needed him, but he's just a friend that's all. It's ALL EDWARD ALL THE TIME. But DAWGONNIT that boy grew some guns!
    I may need to re-think this whole Jake thing.

  6. Where does one obtain a pocket Edward? I NEED one. For real!

    Did you see him on the MTV awards last night? :::Swoons:::

  7. I agree with first poster, they're jealous of your immense awesomeability. (Yes, I created that word) Looks like oodles of oodles of fun on your wild, hot date. Ow ow!

    I came, I saw, I drooled over the New Moon trailer. I told Zach if he doesn't have plans planned for November 20th already, he should make them. Now.

  8. November 20th - November 20th - November 20th - November 20th - November 20th - November 20th - November 20th - November 20th - November 20th - !!!!!!

  9. You are hilarious!! Just the fact you have pocket Edward with you at all times cracks me up!!

  10. Hey Julie, this has nothing to do with this post. Although I must say it was very funny! I just wanted to let you know that the other day I was driving through the Wal-Mart (ughh) parking lot and their was a girl with a purple shirt and your hair (minus the purple streak:) walking in. Well since I now stalk your blog and see you on FB it did not occur to me that it was NOT you. In my mind I was like oh there's Julie let me go say hi. Then I had to remind my dumb blonde (even though I now have to pay for it) self that NOOOO Jeni Julie lives clear across the country and is not going to show up in a Wal-Mart parking lot near me!! I guess this is a side effect of everyone being so easily connected online.

    I hope all is well and you guys have a GREAT summer!!

  11. I have only one thing to ask:'s.leg?

    :) LOL!

  12. And? OMG, that trailer is awesome.

  13. Boo on snooties!

    I love HP+PE!

    I wish you'd come to eat at my restaurant. I fold the napkins when someone's away from the table too - even though it's not fancy. Habit. Anyway - my point is, I'd not only LOVE the fact that PE was hanging out, I'd help you take pictures, maybe give him a tour of the kitchen. You know. (I act like I own the place where I am employed. Weirdo.)

  14. Apparently I needed you with me during our anniversary dinner... I didn't have the cojones to take pictures during the fancy schmancy dinner :)

  15. You are as always having such fun. Internet was not allowing me to see the trailer so will return later to check it out. Love the first comment you received. Can see that they were definietly jealous!
    Love keeping up with what Pocket Edward is up to, keep us posted.

  16. WOW, Edward in the trailer is better than in the 1st movie, I can't wait until it comes out in NZ, I think it will be a brilliant movie.